Practical tips on boosting E-commerce sales on Instagram

With the rocketing popularity of Instagram, businesses have more opportunity to reach their target audience, boost awareness of their brands, and encourage sales conversions. Some practical tips for boosting your brand engagement and your sales on Instagram:

Make Strategic Use of Hashtags

Everyone knows that hashtags are the only way of searching for specific posts on Instagram; however, brands need to recognize them as being strategic tools for reaching out to potential customers, impress them with content that informs and entertains, create more Instagram followers, engage them, and encourage them to buy their products. Even though social media experts opine that hashtags should be around 7-10 per post, you should experiment to find the number that strikes the best chord with your followers.

Rather than inserting hashtags one after another, it’s better to include them in a comment as it looks neater. Since you can use multiple hashtags, it is preferable that you employ a mix of hashtags so that you are able to attain multiple goals. Ideally, the hashtag mix should be a couple of highly popular ones, a couple in the mid-range of popularity, and a few that are specifically targeted to the niche audience. Ensure, however, that all hashtags are relevant to the post.

Leverage User Generated Content

Businesses know the importance of word-of-mouth recommendations; they are trusted far more than claims by businesses. Rather than posting only the content that you yourself develop, it can be a smart tactic to develop a campaign for inviting real Instagram followers to contribute with their own content that describes their interaction with the brand. The strategy has twin benefits; first the content developed by users is more authentic and credible to your followers and secondly, the contributed content can take a lot of pressure off you to constantly develop your own unique content. This strategy also leads to better engagement and interaction with followers if you promote it as a contest for the best content incorporating a particular hashtag.

Avoid Too Much Product Promotion

It can be very tempting to keep on plugging your product, however, when overdone, followers can get turned off because they understand that all you are interested is in pushing your product and not them. It may actually be far more effective to adopt a content strategy that focuses more on what is interesting to your users. Typically, posts relating to food, fashion, films, nature, pets, glimpses of your backroom, etc. can be very engaging. The use of humor can be very appealing, however, be wary of sensitive issues like religion, race, color, etc. Of course, once in a while, you can slip in a post extolling the virtues of your product. Branding the posts is essential so that followers can immediately recognize your company.


Social media, especially visually-oriented networks like Instagram, are ideally suited to promote products and services to a very large audience base. With a clear-cut social media marketing strategy in place, businesses can hope to give a big boost to their e-commerce transactions.

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