Positive benefits of listening to music

Music is often referred to as the best medicine. This is because many people find it calming and relaxing. This has been made possible by free apps such as Google play music, and Spotify among others, which aid in the free download and online streaming of music.

One can listen to music on their Android phones that come with apps already installed by the software developers. One can also upload and stream their favorite music as they do other household chores, or even at their free time. The aim of this paper is to look at some of the positive benefits of listening to music.

Reduces Stress and Increases Overall well-being of an Individual

Music improves our mental health as well as overall well-being. This is because it has a direct effect on the hormones that our bodies produce. The hormone cortisol plays an important role in helping the body to respond to stress. Listening to one of your favorite hit songs can help decrease the levels of hormone cortisol, counteracting the effects of chronic stress as a result.

When stress levels in the body are lowered, one can live healthily and happily, improving their overall well-being of an individual. An individual’s immune system is improved especially when they play musical instruments or even during singing.

Music Reduces Depression

Music is considered a natural tranquilizer. This is because listening to a favorite music tuned leads to the release of neurotransmitters in the brain that increases the feelings of well-being and happiness. Depression is reduced when one listens to some relaxing music. This is because the patient’s mind shifts from the problems that he has to master the words in a particular song.

Music also helps patients who have just recuperated from a stroke to have a speedy recovery. One can also get depressed just by thinking of whether they will get out of the surgery room alive or not. Doctors have used music to reduce anxiety in their patients before and after surgery to help them recover quickly.

Strengthens Learning and Memory

If an individual listens to music frequently, his or her ability to memorize words is increased. This is also beneficial in academic work as one can easily remember what was taught in class and easily possibly pass examinations. Free music download app has made this possible and important especially for those who take music lessons as a course.

Music helps one to learn and recall information more efficiently depending on how much he or she love the music. It improves the overall brain function, especially for patients with memory loss, and increases the chances of remembering.

Increases Verbal Intelligence

Children taking music lessons usually develop speech very fast and have increased verbal intelligence after only a few months of music lessons. This is because they learn about rhythm, pitch, and melody and can easily differentiate when to increase or decrease their pitch. Children tend to also excel in spoken words competition due to the training that they get in their music classes.

Music training has a transfer effect that increases the children’s ability to understand words and even to explain their meaning. Listening to music or offering it lessons boosts the memory of both the children and their teachers alike.

Enhances Running and Working Performance

During morning or evening run, one can easily lose the psych of exercising due to laziness or lack of a workout partner. Listening to music can help solve this condition by acting as a source of motivation, enabling one to reach his or her target.

Runners are encouraged to listen to motivational songs or even their favorite hits in order to exceed their running targets. When one listens to work songs, they tend to finish their chores on time and can do a large quantity of work without notice.

Helps one Sleep Better

Some people often suffer from lack of sleep at night. This can either be because they think so much about how they will survive tomorrow, especially if they are jobless or depressed about certain issues. Music helps those suffering from insomnia as it relaxes their mind. This blows their mind away and they will eventually have a peaceful and sound sleep.

Makes One Happy

Listening to the music of choice with passion thrills and makes listeners feel amazing and happy. This is because it reduces stress, depression and also excites many. A research conducted shows that when you listen to music, music releases dopamine from the brain, this release is what enables one to stay happy, jubilant and excited. Especially at times when you are bored, it gets rid of boredom and keeps one calm.

In conclusion, music is an important part of human life. It can serve a number of purposes just as outlined above. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in my mind that there are different types of music that may appeal to different individuals. It is a good habit to always listen to music.

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