Plastic surgery round-up: the top trends of 2018

Plastic surgery is known for being one of the best methods of improving one’s self-esteem. Everyone has heard of tummy tucks and liposuction before, but this year has proven to be a year of innovation in the world of plastic surgery. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the recent plastic surgery trends, keep reading below!


Nose Procedures

For the past few decades, nose jobs have become one of the main types of plastic surgery. This year, though, we’ve seen an increase in non-surgical procedures that shape the nose. Plastic surgeons insert fillers in the nose to hide imperfections. These fillers can last for several years when the right filler is used.

It should be noted that if people are planning to get nose fillers because they want to look better in photographs, they can look dramatically different in pictures. Depending on lighting and angles, your nose will appear to have a different shape.


Breast Procedures

This year, we’re seeing an increase in the number of breast surgeries and breast lifts among women. One that’s gained a significant amount of popularity this year is called “Laser Bra Lift”. This is a non-invasive alternative to other breast lifts because it doesn’t involve removing excess skin like traditional methods. These traditional methods tend to leave scars and can take longer to heal.

Clients prefer this method compared to others because it prevents sagging and doesn’t add extra weight to breasts. Not only this, but the lasers used in a Laser Bra Lift are similar to those used in facelifts.



Botox has always been a popular kind of plastic surgery. There are always new botox procedures being created. Most often, botox is an injectable that removes wrinkles and smoothes skin.  

For those who have muscle spasms or eye disorders, botox may also prove useful. That’s because it helps to relax the muscles around the eye. Botox, then, can prevent conditions that cause frequent blinking or twitching. Depending on the individual being treated, botox can last from three to six months. As time progresses, the muscles in the face will begin to gain control again and eye disorders will reappear. Any wrinkles the person has will also be visible.Once these conditions can be seen again, it is suggested that the patient or client in question redo the procedure.

If there’s anything that’s certain, it’s that people want to have perfect skin and that botox is one of the best ways we have to ensure this.


Eye Fillers

This year has proven to be a year for fillers and fillers for the eyes are no exception. These are useful because they ensure that the eye is shaped the way clients desire. Other methods of eye shaping include removing fat from the area around the eye, which is a more invasive method of eye shaping.

Most of the time, eye fillers are done by inserting fillers in the upper and lower eyelids. This allows the eyes to take on a new shape. Potential clients should be aware, though, that eye fillers are not permanent and they will have to be redone.


Labia Reshaping

There are several reasons why labia reshaping is becoming more popular. For one thing, women are more comfortable discussing their labia and for another, it’s becoming increasingly important for women to be confident in their bodies.

For many women, one of the biggest sources of discomfort and low self-esteem involve their labia. Many plastic surgeons will agree that this surgery is one of the most popular in 2018. The exact surgery will depend on the woman in question. Some women prefer to have their labia shaped to be smaller; meanwhile, others prefer to have bigger labia.

This procedure is most commonly used aesthetically; however, labia reshaping greatly increases the self-esteem of women across the world.



Plastic surgery is optimal for anyone who wants to have the body of their dreams. This year, invasive procedures are taking the world by storm and are dominating the market.

Trends in plastic surgery in Vancouver include the following: nose-shaping procedures, breast procedures, botox, eye fillers, and labia reshaping. Nose fillers, eye fillers,, botox and Laser Bra Lifts are the perfect example of this; that said, there are a number of invasive procedures that remain popular. Labia reshaping is one of the most popular plastic surgery trends of the year and the number of clients getting this procedure doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

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