Personalise your walls

Personalise your walls that reflect your artistic side

Are you thinking of personalising your walls? Modern trends of decking up the walls of your home are popping up every now and then by various interior designers. Well, there are innumerable ways of adorning the walls of your home. Let us have a look at the personalised designs that can be done on your walls.


Hang plants in a pot on your walls

Are you a lover of greenery? In that case, there are great designs awaiting only for you. Why don’t you hang potted plants on your walls so that you can wake up feeling fresh? Greenery bounds to lit up your mind, therefore, making you feel refreshed. You can have such a wall at the corner of your bedroom. The plants can be viewed right after you wake up as your bed can be placed just below the wall.

Attach your bookshelf to the wall

Are you a bookworm? Do you only want to have a look at your books even after you wake up every morning? In that case, you can attach a bookshelf to your wall. In that bookshelf place some of your best collections which you prefer reading quite often. This shows off your intellectual state of mind.

Obsessed with nature

Are you in love with floral designs? Then why don’t you get your walls painted with floral designs? If you are a lover of art and nature then you can get it done on the walls of your bedroom so that you can wake up right in the lap of nature. The walls can be adorned with sober hues. This will make you all appear all freshen up early in the morning so that you can have a wonderful day.

Wall of memories

Are you someone who likes recalling the memories? What you can do is you can make a wall of memories right in your living room. On this wall, you can hang every kind of precious framed picture which is really close to your heart. What you can do is you can dedicate one wall in the name of your family where you can put up all small and big moments which you have shared with your precious family. The wall in your bedroom can be dedicated to your friends who are close to your heart and you miss them every single day. You can even have curtains for the windows with eco-friendly fabric printing, which will work wonders and not even harm the nature. In your bedroom, you can deck up the walls with the pictures from your marriage and your new family. This indicates that you are a people-centric person.

Wall of antiques

Are you someone who gets pleasure in the collection of antique pieces? It can either be a Buddhist sculpture which you have bought when you were touring China, or it can be an owl statue from Indonesia. It will be preferable if you plan to place these antiques in your living room and match them with some creative chandeliers. People on entering your home will be awestruck by your passion and collection and the brains you have invested to make your home appear a perfect place to live in.

Wall of love

Why don’t you dedicate the wall of your bedroom in the name of love? Its an amazing idea isn’t it? When your partner lives miles away from you then you can have your walls coloured with red paint. A large 3 D heart can be drawn in the middle of the wall with small hearts following it. In addition, you can also hang some lovely pictures taken with your partner. This will make you wake up feeling loved every morning.

3 D wall paintings

Why don’t you drape your walls with some 3 D paintings of your choice? You can always hire a painter to get it done for you. If you are a lover of mountains, then you can adorn your walls with some scenes resembling mountains. It makes you feel that you are residing in a hill station. This is one of the trendiest wall décors which is in high demand now.

Apart from all these, you can also make use of various another wall decking up ways which are thronging in the market right now. Remember to select a wall decoration which flaunts off your persona.

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