Perfecting your business: 3 people you should hire to keep things running smoothly

Whether you own and operate a Main Street storefront or oversee a global corporate conglomerate, there are some positions you should fill first and foremost knowing that these personnel could shape a more positive identity around everything you do. While there are no inconsequential jobs in an optimally efficient, well-organized company, these three uniquely talented people and their specialized skill sets will lay the foundation for your culture, practices and environment on a daily basis. Therefore, feel free to pour additional resources into keeping them as satisfied as possible.


Human Resources

Your HR staff play pivotal roles at every stage of each team member’s employment, from recruiting to initial onboarding of new hires, training and development, dispute resolution and eventual exit processing upon resignation or termination. When disputes flare up, these people step in as the intermediaries who engage staff directly in the interest of ensuring mutual job satisfaction, an accommodatingly cooperative atmosphere and utmost quality of life.

Any HR professional adept at multitasking and balancing myriad individual employee interests while always maintaining a stable working environment is worth his or her weight in gold just based on the sheer volume of minutiae you won’t have to deal with personally. At their best, this team should serve as the engine of assembling, onboarding and retaining the people who define your company’s chemistry. They then take team-building one step farther by directly embodying your concern for their happiness.


Information Technology

The world long ago passed the point when any business can fully escape prioritizing communication and information technology. It only becomes more complicated as you and your employees have to synergize point-of-sale systems with inventory software, bookkeeping programs, security measures and communication infrastructure into a cohesive data network.

You might be able to learn a single program or two like the back of your hand, but IT pros stake their livelihoods on respective capacities to adapt to perpetually dynamic technological shifts and minimize your company’s potentially costly downtime by detecting, diagnosing and repairing glitches as swiftly as possible. That absolutely includes mitigating countless security threats to both your sensitive data and that of your customers. These attentive professionals elevate thinking on one’s feet to an art form. Sometimes, they even make maintaining networks and infrastructure through both timely maintenance and brilliant, fast fixes look almost too simple.



Mike Rowe opened every episode of his hit Discovery Channel series “Dirty Jobs” by summing up the show as a tribute to “hard-working men and women who earn an honest living doing the kinds of jobs that make civilized life possible for the rest of us.” There could be no more eloquent description of your company’s maintenance department. These are the dedicated folks who embrace the dirt under their fingernails in the name of caring after all the little tasks someone needs to address throughout your building in order for everyone to work comfortably. If you run a business dependent on specialized equipment, keeping the sharpest maintenance team available on board means a reliable first line of defense against revenue lost to excessive downtime. Chances are you probably don’t have a ton of experience with maintenance tasks but maintenance professionals do! Your maintenance employee can help out with everything from changing light bulbs to valve repair.

Generally speaking, they are called upon to constantly maintain a stable, safe place for you and your team to do everything you do best. If it seems like these men and women hold the physical viability of your workplace on your shoulders, that impression isn’t far off. When something breaks, your maintenance crew doesn’t miss a beat setting repairs in motion—either personally or finding the best specialist for the job.

It’s generally just good business to strive for every employee’s utmost job satisfaction. After all, retaining staff typically costs a fraction the expense of on-boarding a new hire. These three members of your workforce can change a company’s entire atmosphere. You would be much better off hiring these linchpin team members first so help keep your other employees as well as your physical and digital work spaces running.

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