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Overcome 5 Issues Many Business Women Face

Being a businesswoman can be stressful, tired, overwhelming and empowering all at once. Some business women rock their way through their field of work. Others struggle with certain aspects of the job, emotional turmoil, repetitive tasks and other things as well. Knowing what issues many businesswomen face can help you to do the best at preventing or avoiding these things in your job or life.


Daily Stress

Many business women experience daily stress in the workplace. Depending on which type of job you work in, you may experience tasks that become very stressful. Some jobs may put you on edge more than others. If you are in a job like this and experiencing daily stress, this could make your job less enjoyable than it could be. Whenever you are experiencing stress, remember to breathe. Take some time to think about why you love the job you are in and use that to relieve your stress. If you don’t love your job, it may be time for a job change, so you aren’t under so much stress and pressure.



Unfortunately, there are many business women who struggle with addiction to alcohol, prescription pain medications, heroin or other drugs. The addiction may have begun before they started the job or the stress from the job could have triggered abuse of these substances as well. If you have struggled with addiction, it is probably interfering with your job. You could choose to attend inpatient heroin rehab or another addiction rehab to overcome the addiction. After doing so, you can do better at your job, live a healthier life and stop struggling as much as well.


Overcoming the Male Stigma

There are many jobs which some people see as “a male’s job”. Even though we are in this day and age, there are many women who still aren’t seen as strong enough, smart enough or appropriate enough for a certain job. Some of these jobs may include firefighting, construction or technology jobs. The thing is, women can do any job that men can do and vice versa. Overcoming the male stigma can certainly be tough at times. If you are in a job where you feel judged because of being a woman, stand tall. Let everyone know who you are and remember, you deserve your job.


Judgments on the Appearance of Business Women

Many women are still being judged based on their appearance in the workplace. Some women dress fancier or wear more expensive clothing. These women may get “eyed’ in the workplace or have people flirting with them too. Others who dress “down” may be seen as an ower status on the workplace environment ladder. Don’t let what others think of your appearance affect your job or who you are. While some workplaces have guidelines on how you must dress, there are others which don’t. If you are in one of those jobs, express your personality, stay professional and most of all, remember you are there to work, not to be judged.


Climbing the Seniority Ladder

While many women do get promotions based on the guidelines of the company, just like men do, there are some stigmas associated with this in certain workplaces. Many women find they have to work harder than the men to climb up the seniority ladder. They have to prove themselves over and over again to get that promotion they have wanted. They have to work overtime and prove their worth. Don’t underestimate yourself. Talk with your boss. Let them know what raise or promotion you are aiming for and show them your worth. You are a woman, but that doesn’t make you any less of a runner for the seniority than the males in your workplace.

These are some of the things business women often struggle with. If you are having difficulties with any of these things, remember you can overcome them. You don’t have to put yourself down, continue to stress or let others get under your skin. You deserve your job, the promotion or that raise you are aiming for. Go for it and don’t let anyone stop you. Business women can be strong and independent. They can achieve anything and this goes for you as well.


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