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Original team building activities to lift team spirit

A strong team is always the foundation of a successful business. If you want a healthy workplace where employees function without constant internal conflicts, get creative and invest in relationships. Team building is a great way to shake things up a bit in your workplace. Never underestimate the power of shaking up the workday.  If you want to establish better communication and cooperation among team members, be original. While some staff may like parties, others may prefer lowkey water cooler talk. Take them out of their comfort zone to see what can happen. If your office is in need of bonding, it is time to put in an effort to improving team spirit. Let the fun and games begin – you (and your team!) will thank us later for these out-of-the-ordinary team building ideas.


Sumo wrestling

When will you have a better chance to pin your boss to the ground? You don’t need to go to Japan or gain a ton of weight to try sumo wrestling. Did you know that you can actually rent an inflatable sumo suit and the rest of the equipment? Let the laughing start as co-workers try to hurl their extra large bodies (that don’t have bending arms or legs) at each other. Putting on those gigantic inflated suits levels the playing field for everyone. Now’s the time to pin that annoying colleague down and maybe find some new common ground too.


Board games

Let your team get their competitive nature out in a productive way – board game tournament! The great thing about board games is that they support positive relationship building and business skills in a recreational way. Board games give your group an opportunity to build team spirit, practice strategy, demonstrate good sportsmanship, grow teamwork efforts, and it cuts the cord from screens for awhile while you do it. So grab some classics like Clue or Trivial Pursuit and add some new favorites like Catan or Qwirkle, and make this team building retreat something everyone is eager to do.



There is nothing better for team bonding than sticking to the good old classics: sports! Now maybe there are people who haven’t played sports since high school or maybe even stayed away from them altogether. But encourage your team to be open! Better cooperation could be a result. You can choose all sorts of outdoor activities like softball, kickball, or soccer. If your employees prefer something different and unique for small teams – try indoor racquetball! It’s such a perfect way to release stress. For a more extreme version of employee sports activities, you can always opt for paintball. At the end of the day, everyone will be tired, full of the adrenaline, and thrilled.


Blindfolded food tasting

As we all know, everything begins with trust. But what about blind trust? Well, this activity could be the key to building better trust between your employees. We recommend doing this activity after a few other team building exercises have been experienced by your colleagues. It’s a hard one to kick off at the top of a retreat. First, make sure you do your homework on allergies that your employees might have. Messy, wacky and incredibly exciting, you will boldly build more trust and get great laughs.


Flash mob

It is not often that people burst into dance routines at their workplace (unless you work in a Bollywood movie). But do you know that coordinating a flash mob is actually a great way to synchronize your employees into one big and team building event? This is a great way to learn about body language and bond better with others. Rehearsing the choreography and planning the event is a creative commitment that many large groups will find fresh and exciting. Even if you have that one employee with two left feet, create a dance routine that everyone will enjoy!


Dress like your coworker day

Well, this is an interesting one. If you have ever wondered what it is like to walk in the shoes of your coworker (or better yet, have someone walk a day in your shoes) – it is time to spice things up a bit. Some might learn the hard way how difficult it is to walk in women’s shoes. Others might poke fun at tie choices or hairstyles. Jokes aside, it is a great game to help people realize how they see each other. You can all try respectfully mimicking gestures and personality traits or their way of dressing. Take some pictures, of course, as they are crucial for this creative team building. At the end of the day, everyone will have a good laugh and they will learn more about their colleagues and about themselves.

Companies will always benefit from having employees who are on the same page and eager to go to work. Positive working relationships are a huge priority for valuable staff. Every manager should know the value of personal relationships with employees. Building a positive and stimulating environment is your top priority – this is what will help your employees go that extra mile in completing tasks for their projects. So take the time to build your team and try something new to set the tone for your staff.

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