Online sellers: why is kitting in order fulfillment playing such an important role?

If you are an online seller, we know that you are always looking for new ways to improve your services and guarantee order fulfillment. You should also be trying to make your procedures more cost-effective. That is where kitting services take the spotlight. The whole idea behind kitting services is relatively simple: everything works seamlessly as one system. Kitting is an option that could help you simplify the process… So, what is kitting? Well, the simplest explanation is the assembly of individual products in one bundle to be ready for shipping. Many industry giants like Ikea recognized the potential that kitting provides right away. Will you be an early adopter to this innovative way of doing business? Let’s find out!

How kitting can help your business

As you probably know, e-commerce is a very lucrative industry. Everything happens online and clients need to be provided with the best service possible. Kitting opens up the possibility of what is available to your clients with reasonable shipping for your company. There are a variety of products that can be kitted. Who doesn’t like a good bundled package? Here’s a fun scenario: you could order a Kawai box with toys and sweets from Japan. A thorough Japanese pop culture experience packed into one small box and delivered to your door. Sounds great, right?

Other more primary examples of kitting use are media kits, new product launches, and product samples. One of the best uses of kitting is when three identical products are grouped into one bundled present. This also makes tracking simpler as all of the packaged products are tracked as one single unit. Additionally, kitting can save you money on warehousing, as there are often products that are selling lower volumes than others. Instead of wasting your warehouse space, use the state of the art kitting method and combine products to create something of value for your loyal customers. Kitting makes reordering, tracking inventory, and quantifying costs much more manageable.

How kitting services can save you money, time, and space

Faster assembly. With kitting services, all inventory is in one place. Operations are running smoother. There is no danger of losing important components during the transportation process.

Fewer returns. Kitting reduces the risk of making mistakes, as it can simplify your processes and actions. Fewer complications and fewer package returns mean smoother operations for you.

Kitting and assembly can lower the costs of inventory and save you money on shipping services. When a few products are shipped to the same place, it reduces the costs of shipping. Increased customer satisfaction and improved connections with clients are two of the strongest ways that online sellers can grow their business.

Working as a team. Kitting is not only about connecting products – it can also make two sellers work as a team. If you are an e-commerce seller, you will probably have extra options requested by your customer. You and other sellers can work in tandem with manufacturers to kit your products together. Find your dream team.

Think green. With kitting services, you are actually helping Mother Nature. No kidding. Less shipping means less boxes, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and all kinds of other materials that end up in recycling or the garbage. With kitting services, you will learn that reducing your shipping means saving money on packaging and making smarter choices.

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