Old Adage: A Short Guide to Spending Money to Make Money in Business

Many business professionals are aware of the adage about having to spend money to make money. However, you may have never thought about how this philosophy plays a role in how you manage your business. Instead, you may simply create a budget that minimises expenses across the board. This strategy may sound wise, but even government human services studies have shown that spending can supplement success. There are several areas of operations where you could potentially increase funding to maximise your company’s profitability

Improving Your Marketing Campaigns

It is well-known that marketing drives sales, but many business owners and managers do their best to limit spending in this area. It is true that you can use very cheap or even free marketing vehicles in some cases, such as social media marketing and blog posts, to get the word out about your products and services. However, for even more pronounced results, you may need to combine these free marketing methods with paid methods. After all, when your target audience sees your message across various platforms, they may be more likely to absorb and act on it.

Finding Exceptional Talent

Your company’s overall success is directly attributed to the talent that is working for you. Highly skilled, motivated individuals who have a strong passion for the company’s products are services are intrinsically more valuable than unskilled, unmotivated individuals. You may have to offer a better compensation package to recruit as well as to retain the most valuable individuals who are a true asset to your organization. Give your human resources team ample finding to recruit and retain the best talent available.

Not every organization can afford to pay for the best and brightest in every position, so it will be just as important to hire so-called “up-and-comers.” A seasoned professional is nice, but you never know when an office assistant working on an online MBA in finance will prove themselves and provide you with quality work for a lower price.

Developing Better Products

When it comes to spending money to make money, focus your attention on your products. Product development requires consistent funding. This is necessary because you need to regularly innovate new features or entirely new products to impress and satisfy your clients. Your competition is also making this effort, and you need to be the first to the punch when announcing the latest and greatest products to your target audience.


When preparing your budget, it is important that you allocate ample funds in each of these three areas. By funding them appropriately, you can give your company the competitive edge it needs to enjoy true success in the years to come. However, other areas also need ample funding, such as technology and other types of overhead. Using funds efficiently without skimping is a critical skill to master.

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