Not Sure Why You Should Build a WordPress-Based Website?

Not Sure Why You Should Build a WordPress-Based Website?


Newbies often ask why they should use WordPress and why their former site is not good enough. If you are one of those who ask these questions, this is the right place to be. Read on to know the best reasons why you need to switch to WordPress.

Reasons to Use

WordPress is often mistaken by some people as a blogging platform. This may have been true before, but WordPress has developed over the years and has now become a multipurpose content management system (or CMS). Though WP can still be used to create simple blogs, it can also let you create well-designed websites and mobile applications.

WordPress is widely used because it is both user-friendly and flexible. This is the reason why it has become so popular these days. In fact, a recent survey shows that 22.5% of the websites that you find on the Internet are powered by WordPress.

No Cost

WordPress software is free, allowing you to download and install it anytime without any cost. You can even create your own website with it. Since it is an open source, this means that the software’s source code can be used by anyone who likes to study it, do some modifications or play with it.

User-Friendly and Easy to Learn

Millions of people are using WordPress and more individuals join the WP community whenever they create a website based on this platform. People can easily adapt to it because it is so simple to use.

Extensive Themes and Plugins

You do not need to be a web designer or programmer to use WordPress. In fact, most people who have started to use it do not know anything about designing websites.

WordPress is awesome to use because it comes with thousands of templates for free, so you have many choices of themes. You can create your own website by choosing the theme you want. WordPress has a theme for anything, whether it is photography, magazine, portfolio or eCommerce.

Easily Managed

WordPress has a built-in updater that lets you easily update your themes and plugins from your admin dashboard. Whenever a new version comes out, it will notify you. So, by the click of a button you can update it.

Different Types of Media managed

When you use WordPress, you are not confined to writing text. It includes built-in support so you can manage images, video and audio content. You can use this for managing files and documents as well.

oEmbed enabled websites are supported by WordPress, meaning, you can embed Instagram photos, YouTube videos, Soundcloud audio and Tweets by adding the URL to your post. Your visitors can even embed their videos in comments.

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