New Company Location? Tips for a Fresh, Professional Start

Whether your company is growing, or if it’s for another reason, a move to a new location can offer a great opportunity for a fresh start that can kick-start the growth of your business. Understanding what changes to make to truly make it a fresh start, though, can make all the difference between wasted effort and worthwhile investment. Here are a few good changes to consider as your company gets ready for it’s big move.

Better Signage

Two challenges any company faces is letting people who are near to your location know about your company and ensuring people understand how to navigate once they arrive at your location. If this is a problem in your current building, it might be wise to invest in new signage when you make the move.

Drive around the area surrounding the building and try to find places that would be confusing for someone who’s never been to your location before. These are places that call for signs to ensure people arrive at the right place. In the building itself, consider questions that people are having to ask often in your current building that might be able to be answered with a well-placed informational sign. If there are any that fit the bill, have a professionally-designed sign installed in a place that makes sense for the customer.

Better Bathrooms

No matter what type of business you operate, your customers will eventually need to obey the call of nature. The last thing you want as a business owner is for people to be waiting in line to go to the bathroom instead of engaging with your business. If you need to expand the facilities in your new building to ensure your customers have more time to shop, dine, or connect, then that is certainly a worthwhile investment, even though you don’t receive any direct financial benefit from having restrooms in your facility.

Better Appearance

Though it may be more cost-effective to bring over your current furniture to your new building, the message that move sends to customers could be less than desirable. If your current furniture is starting to show its age, putting that furniture in a new facility communicates that you’re not all that concerned with your customers’ experience. It also communicates that you’re not successful enough as a business to be able to afford quality furnishings. If you’ve got a tight budget and your current furniture is structurally sound, it might make sense to re-upholster the furniture through a company like Just Upholstery instead, to ensure that it looks great while still being cost-effective.

Better Crowd Control

A business is only as strong as its performance when it’s at max capacity. If your current building suffers during peak times, consider implementing better crowd control measures in your new location. Whether it be permanent rails to encourage the formation of orderly lines, or installing more points of sale to encourage faster flow-through, thinking that a current setup’s issues will suddenly go away in a new location is only setting yourself up for disaster.

Better Attitude

If you’re moving into a new location because your business is growing, it’s likely you won’t have any problem with bad attitudes on the part of employees. However, it’s possible that some employees may enjoy their current workspace so much that a new environment, no matter how pleasant, will leave them frustrated, at least for a short while. Work with those who will be most affected by the move to the new facility and ensure you get them on board so everyone can keep working together as one cohesive team.

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