How To Network Like A Pro

How To Network Like A Pro

How To Network Like A Pro

Many professionals have experienced layoffs, downsizing or some form of job elimination in the last 8 years or so. Establishing a networking circle, sign on to social media and other professional networking boards is a great start. In looking at how top executives seamlessly go from job opportunity to job opportunity requires a closer look. More importantly what can we learn in how top executives keep the job opportunities coming while some professionals continue to unsuccessfully navigate the employment maze.

We have found that top executives are always networking. Be it at board meetings, industry events, social functions or kids activities. They are always shaking hands and getting to know other people and also who those people know. So what are some of the takeaways from observing how top executives network?

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There is a belief shared by many that you can find a job if you have a job. We all know of a top performer within our company who suddenly announces to the team that s/he is leaving the company. She has accepted a position with another company and today is her last day. Wait! How did this happen? She was so happy at our last staff meeting. When did she have time to look for another job? Well, most likely she continued networking even though she appeared happy and content. She was able to effortlessly navigate the job market without a high degree of stress. She was able to assess the industry or job market and consider her options before agreeing to leave. You don’t have to be unhappy to leave a job. Sometimes better opportunities are presented and for a myriad of reasons makes the move easier.

Keep in mind that many companies are interested in candidates who are currently using those skills and experiences they covet the most. If you are a top performer in your field most likely the competition is already aware of you and have considered you an ideal professional to pursue. These are the type of job offers where you can aggressively negotiate your employment and compensation package.

Being social matters

Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are excellent ways to engage a broader audience. You have to accept the fact that networking, finding a job or a better career is hard work. Utilize these platforms to connect with other industry professionals, college friends or joining and participating in group discussions. In times past there was a fear of letting others know that you were in the job market or looking for a better career opportunity. That is no longer the case today. To add to a popular expression: it’s “who you know”. Well; while that is true, what’s more important is “who knows you”. Others have to know that you are a top performer at your company and in the industry. They also have to know that you are interested in advancing your career if the right opportunity is presented. Once this is known you will be amazed at who’s on the other end of that phone call or email. This is how it starts. That first call may not be the job for you. But who knows..the next one may be a deal you can’t refuse.

Make it natural

Networking should be relaxed and natural. The key is knowing a few people who each know a lot of people. Sales Reps, Accountants and Real Estate professionals are especially good at this. Your network doesn’t have to be large and stretched across countless industries. What is most important is that your network is solid. With a small but solid network you can have access to a vast indirect network. I guess in a way it would be akin to the leveraging of your friends, colleagues and their connections.

Knowing someone who knows someone who can help is just as good as knowing that top connector directly. This is how it’s done.

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