How to Network

How to Network Like a Boss

Why networking? How to Network?  It provides businesses and individuals with the opportunity to meet other business owners. Networking connects you with like-minded people as well as finding those who can help to grow your company. If you don’t actively pursue networking opportunities, and pursue them in the right way, your enterprise will struggle.


Recommendations are essential which is why ‘Relationship marketing’ is considered key to any successful business. In other words, buyers are more inclined to purchase from someone who comes recommended. Networking allows you to build on reputation and rapport, as well as understanding how all parties involved, can benefit and support each other.


Networking plays an essential role for Mums. As well as offering support to help grow their business, they are socializing opportunities, reducing any feelings of loneliness and isolation.


We spoke with Real Entrepreneur Mums’ co-founders Sophie Musumeci and Alison Valenti about the importance of networking.  Try their tips at your next networking event.

  1. Do your research. Find out what network events are going on in your area and who is running them. Do they match your target audience?
  2. Make yourself known to the organizers and ask them to introduce you to key figure(s).
  3. Although you are bursting with things to say, remember to listen to people as well.
  4. It’s normal to feel a bit nervous about going to networking events. Get rid of any pre-event jitters by pumping up the music and shaking it out. This way you’ll be ‘in the zone’ when you walk into the room.
  5. Be genuine and be yourself.
  6. Don’t forget your business cards.
  7. After the event, get in contact with the people that you met.


Breaking down the barriers for self-employed women and mums, Real Entrepreneur Mums communities meet twice a month for 90 minutes. These sessions enable female entrepreneurs to build their business network through genuine referrals. Dynamic, energetic and inspirational, Real Entrepreneur Mums’ meetings leave members feeling engaged and committed to realizing their dreams and smashing goals.


To find out more visit and register your interest in attending one of their meetings as a special guest.




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