Morning Routine

My Usual Morning Routine

As a business coach and getting some work initially done at home, it is important to have a morning routine to keep me focussed and on track.


Success comes, I believe, from getting up early.

Lay in bed till 7, 8 or 9 am and the day is half over.   Personally, I am up at 4:30 am (summer or winter, although I do admit that summer is easier).  I get in a couple of hours of solid work.  This is the time to work effectively and on things which might be a little complicated and require concentration.  I am fresh and most importantly uninterrupted, so can often do more in that 2-3 hours than I can achieve in a whole day from 9-5.


Get in some exercise.

Another part of my routine is often getting in some exercise; whether it’s a walk with the dog or a cycle, that 30-45 minutes is really valuable, not only from a fitness perspective, it allows time to think.   You can clear your head, get some great thinking done and then come back to the office fired up and ready to go.  In my opinion – a healthy mind and body equate to a healthy business.  After the exercise, and a quick shower, it’s then time for a healthy breakfast.   This is often the time of the day I quickly educate myself, perhaps read a chapter of an educational book or part of an e-book.   Whilst my stomach digests the food, my brain is being fed too.


Get organised.

Another aspect of my morning (or day) routine, is that each afternoon/evening, I clear my desk.  When I walk to my desk first thing in the morning, the desk is clear and tidy leaving me to start a fresh day tidy and uncluttered.   Starting organised, for me, helps me stay focussed and on task.


To-do list.

Finally, my last strategy is that I have a to-do list for the week.  At the beginning of the day, I review not only my appointments for the day but this list as well.   I then spend a maximum of 1 hour on emails, before moving to the task list and specific activities.   If you just work through all your emails, it can be 11 am before you actually start your day.   Keeping them to a minimum, hitting hard and fast, means I can get on with income producing activities as scheduled.


As a business person or entrepreneur, do you have your own morning routine you’d like to share?

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