My Bookkeeper Is My Hero

Five reasons I love my Bookkeeper and if you don’t have one, you should get one.

When I first started in business, I had no idea. I didn’t know the difference between a profit and loss statement and an invoice. Honestly, I was that bad! That’s where my bookkeeper came in and saved the day. She was incredible! She let me ask all the stupid questions that I had. She never told me I was silly, she never gave me raised eyebrows when I asked the same question two times, three times maybe four times in a row, and she always answered my calls or emails with a friendly manner like she was happy to help. She gave me the confidence that I needed in business to move forward and that’s why I loved her.

So, five reasons why you should love your bookkeeper:

  1. Because they keep you organized. Your bookkeeper keeps you organized. They keep track of your accounts, your expenses and they can you help you in invoicing as well. It’s an awesome way to keep on top of things.
  2. GST and BAS. GST and BAS requirements in Australia are massive and honestly, that was one of the things that were scaring me off taking the step to becoming a bigger small business. The idea that I would have to report on GST. My bookkeeper saved the day. She looks all of that for me. She keeps on task, she keeps everything neat and I know I can trust her.
  3. Someone to keep you accountable. Your bookkeeper is someone who can keep you accountable. The fact is it’s pretty easy to fluff how your business is going to everybody else but there’s always someone when you have a bookkeeper who knows the hard numbers about your business. You can’t fool them, because the numbers don’t lie. And that keeps you as a small business person accountable, because you know there is somebody else looking at your business.
  4. Extra help when you need it. My bookkeeper works for me on a sliding scale. She gives me extra help when I need it for invoicing, receipting for customer statements and for any other little bits and pieces of work that I need in regards to my books. Some months, I don’t need any extra help and some months I need a whole lot. And do you know that otherwise, as a small business owner I would be the bottleneck that holds up operations if I didn’t have extra help!
  5. Because they are meticulous. Bookkeepers are by nature meticulous. They like to have everything balanced – they are the yoga experts of business. And do you know what, if you have an entrepreneurial spirit about you, you need somebody around you who is big on detail and not so big on the big picture. Keeping everything in line and in order is essential if you are not in line in order person!

So that’s a little bit about me and my bookkeeper. Why I love her, why I wouldn’t do business without her, and why I recommend you to find a bookkeeper that’s just as awesome as mine!

And if you are a bookkeeper, don’t worry we have an awesome small site just for you. Get in touch at because we want to share your awesomeness, we want to get you out there because we love what you do.

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