Must-Do Maintenance for First-Time Homeowners

Buying your first home can be a stressful task and it can take months before everything is done and you could start enjoying your new living space. Before you finish all the paperwork and start planning your move, there are some things you need to check. Many new homeowners decide to buy cheaper homes that are perfect for a remodeling, yet a few things still need to be done before the move. The type of renovations depends on your budget, but if you plan every step of the process carefully, you could save a ton of money. Also, you should try to avoid some mistakes that are considered inevitable and can cost you a lot of money in the long run.


Start with a clean slate

In most cases, people who sell their houses bring with them only those things they’ll definitely need and leave behind everything they aren’t planning to use. This means that you’ll be left with the furniture you don’t want, and even a couple of boxes the previous homeowners left behind.

The first thing you must do is declutter the whole house and throw away everything you don’t need. After that, clean everything and see if there’s a need for a pest control. To finish this first part, repaint all the walls as this cheap investment will give you a clean slate and a fresh base to start making this house truly your own. Add a few finishing touches like decorative wall moldings or wooden beams to outline the room’s design. Be careful when choosing wall colors, and play it safe by opting for neutral and lighter shades which will give you the space to explore different furniture colors. You can always change the color of your walls in the future if you notice you don’t like how it blends in with the rest of the furniture.


Check the security

Although you may find it unnecessary, you should change all the locks in your new home, and change the alarm code, too. You never know who is already familiar with it, or has a spare key, so you need to be sure only you and your family members have all the keys. If you want to raise the safety to a higher level, replace the entry doors, as this will provide you with additional security and energy-efficient insulation.

Also, check the windows and see if they’re broken, damaged or have broken glass, so replace them if needed. It’s better to replace the doors and windows before moving in, and start cleaning afterwards because you want to avoid having dust and dirt throughout the house – particularly because all these renovations will surely cause that. Checking garage doors is also welcomed, especially if you’re used to having electric garage doors. If not, think about installing them in order to make parking your car more convenient.


Much-needed controls

You should always check these things before buying the house, but it’s never too late to do so afterwards either. Start with checking the gutters and the plumbing to make sure you won’t be dealing with leaks. Any damaged pipes or leaves in the gutter can cause serious problems with the house foundations in the future, or create mold on your walls.

If your new house has smoke detectors, don’t hesitate to check if they work and test them to be sure they alarm you if something happens – luckily, changing the batteries usually does the trick. Lastly, find professionals to check your air conditioning system, vents, and change the filters, especially if you have allergies.


Outdoors is also important

New homeowners are often too overwhelmed with the interior of their new home that they completely forget about the exterior. So, start small and first check the soil and set the foundation for your plants. Though this seems hard, it’s not impossible to tackle, because there are so many kits that can help you test the soil and see what your next steps are.

After you’re done with this, mow the lawn and see if there’s a need to add grass pavers to repair the broken parts. Don’t forget that buying grass seeds and watering them regularly would be a much cheaper option. The last thing before adding the plants is fertilizing everything in order to get the outdoors ready for the next step. Finally, choose your favorite plants and flowers – but make sure you’ve included everyone’s wishes, though – and use them to create the space where you’ll enjoy your family activities.


Don’t let too many obligations stand in the way of feeling happy for owning your first property. Sure, it can be tiring, especially when it comes to paperwork, but it’s also a great achievement and you should enjoy every step of the way. After everything is ready, make a housewarming party and call your neighbors to meet them and show everyone what an amazing job you did.

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