Mumpreneur II: Getting Practical

The path to a successful business can be a tough road to travel, and we’re mums too, so we have to avoid the pitfalls of the rocky road while changing nappies and nurturing our young. Think Alicia Vikander as Tomb Raider, climbing the sheer face of a mountain, with a hungry baby strapped to her back.

The going may get tough, so the first thing to remember is to NEVER be afraid to ask for help. We assume that people are too busy with their own lives, but I am always keen to help a friend in need, so why should I assume that they’re not prepared or willing to assist me? There is no reason for this thought process. People like to feel they are contributing to the lives of others. So when you need an extra hand to juggle the workload and mum duties, pick up the phone, send a text, and ask for the help that you need.

We mumpreneurs are a tenacious bunch. As the guardians of our children, the most precious cargo there can ever be, we’re not afraid of hard work, but we have lots of love to give too. Harmonizing our work and our family time may seem complicated, but it needn’t be. Put aside time for business and time for your children – and be committed to that time. Don’t be swayed from the path you’ve chosen for that day or for those hours. If it’s work, try not to feel guilty because you’re doing this for your family’s future, and ultimately they have to come first.

Even if you employ the perfect babysitter, whether that’s Grandma or a girl from an agency, you don’t need reminding that your children come first. You may be working for a brighter future for them, but they need to know that mummy is there for them now too, not just saving money for their college education. You have to spend time away from your children to build your business, but make sure that the time you do spend with them is full of love and joy, and that you’re not too exhausted from making your millions that you’re only fit to collapse on the sofa with them.

OK, so the last two paragraphs have advised you to divide your time and stick to your plan… “BUT I’M A MUMPRENEUR!” I hear you cry. Yes, you are, and this means that there will be times when all the above goes sailing out of the window. Fear not, you just have to be flexible when the need arises. Stick to your strategy for as long as you can but don’t get stressed if the road takes a sharp turn to the left. That’s life, stuff happens, keep your cool and carry on. You can always pick up where you left off.

Like everything else, it helps to spend time with your peers, so find other mums in the same position. What you can learn from like-minded mumpreneurs is invaluable. There will always be great advice that comes from mums in the exact same situation as you. Maybe their business is already up and running and they can give you top tips on how they got where they are today. From suggestions like pre-cooking healthy meals for the entire week to mumpreneur-friendly business contacts, every lesson has its benefits, even if it’s things not to do.

Take one step at a time. Like your baby learning to walk. You’ll get there in the end, and however looming the obstacles in your way may seem, climbing them one by one without worrying too much about the challenges around the corner is the best way to approach your business. It’s going to be tough, but you’re a mumpreneur, and no challenge is too much. The climb will be daunting, but when you get there, you’ll have your children with you at the top.

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