Moving Your Home Business Beyond Spare Bedroom: What You Need to Know

The most joyous moment in every entrepreneur’s life is to see their business grow. If you built your company at home, then this is also the moment you will have to move your home business to your commercial office. This means that you will no longer burden your household with business affairs and have your own space to work in peace.

Of course, this means that you will have to say goodbye to interactions with your husband and kids during the work hours. You will leave the work at your office and finally enjoy the separate lives. But, this move also carries some other things you should consider and here are some of them.

Leasing the business space

The real estate market offers a wide range of properties you can use for offices. However, it’s important that you choose the right one. The excitement of being able to move your business can be exhilarating, but you have to keep it cool.

When reviewing the real estate offer you have to take into consideration your budget, possible expansion, and long-term goals. Price will vary depending on the neighborhood, size, and state of the property. It’s important to be realistic when it comes to this huge financial step. Also, see if you can negotiate the lower lease cost if you plan to occupy the property for a longer period.

Organise your staff

If you had people working for you remotely, now it’s time to organize and gather your team in one place. Assign proper tasks to each of your team members and make sure that they know what to do during the move. This is especially important for those businesses which have to keep running even during the move.

If you are alone, start building your office team by posting an ad for job positions in your company. This is an important step and you will have to carefully weigh your options and consider candidates. During that time, ask friends and family to help you move so you can handle all the obligations.   

Decorate the offices



One of the high points of moving to new business space is decorating it. This is certainly the most fun part since you can finally create the offices you always dreamed about. Choose lighter and neutral shades for the walls and add plants to space, to refresh the décor. Buy comfortable and ergonomic office chairs, as well as appropriate equipment for your staff.

It’s important to cover the windows if you’re on the sunny side so the sunlight it wouldn’t bother your employees. You can use the curtains, but for the more modern look consider blinds.  Roman Blinds are a sophisticated window furnishing that suits both contemporary and traditional interiors.  Offered in a wide variety of fabrics you can choose from translucent, textured, opaque or complete block-out depending on your needs – as experts behind Merchants Blinds emphasize. 

Manage office bureaucracy



Before you officially move, update the contact information on your company’s website and social media profiles. Inform every client via e-mail that you are moving to a new location and also your partners and associates. If you’re running an online shopping business, consider asking your customers for patience during the move. Also, update the address in the billing service you use for online payments, notify your bank and tax authority. Taking care of this right from the start will save you the trouble later.

Consider hiring an agency or a person to take care of your taxes, salary calculations, and other necessary bureaucratic tasks. This will take care of administrative issues in time and without possible penalties for late notifications or payments. On the other hand, you can do all this by yourself and save the money, just make sure that you’re familiar with the process.

Take care of the small things

There are certain small things and details you can do which will help your move be more comfortable. Choose an internet provider and sign an agreement before the move. Buy office supplies and necessary software to conduct your business.


Additionally, buy kitchen supplies and devices like coffee maker, microwave, fridge and stove. See if you can find a cleaning service that fits your budget and perform usual maintenance on electrical systems, insulation, air-conditioning and heating unit. Doing these small things, in the beginning, will save you the time, and be a nice way to welcome your employees.      


Moving your business from home to the office space will do you good. You will separate professional and private aspects of your life, and keep the stress at bay. Also, a real office will boost your confidence and help your business to grow further. As your business gets bigger so will the revenue and soon enough you will have to expand and look for the bigger place.

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