Most Stylish Businesswomen Currently on TV

Although TV shows are a great way to forget about all your troubles and relax after a long day of answering emails and getting things done, they can also be an amazing source of style inspiration. No matter what’s your style, you can find someone on TV that dresses like you do or like you want to dress. And, since Soar Collective is all about strong, passionate women in business, we at tvshowpilot thought we’d compile a list of the most fashionable businesswomen on TV right now. Hope you enjoy!


Fallon Carrington, Dynasty


Last year a reboot of the classic 1980s drama Dynasty debuted on The CW. And we were quickly swept into the Carrington family drama once again. But although all the characters on Dynasty are always dressed to impress, one of the show’s character really stands out for her fashion choices. And it is none other than Fallon Carrington, the heiress of the Carrington energy empire.

Fallon, played by actress Elizabeth Gillies, isn’t afraid to wear bold outfits and show a little skin. But when it comes to her style, she’s always dressed for the occasion no matter if she’s working her connections to further her carrier or scheming away while lounging by the pool. Which makes her not only stylish but also smart, because, no matter what people say, in this world first impressions are important. And what better way to impress than with your killer outfit.


Cookie Lyon, Empire


Next up, someone with an equally bold sense of style, but who also is rocking very different outfits from those worn by Fallon on Dynasty. And we are talking about Cookie Lyon from Empire. Played by Taraji P. Henson, Cookie truly is in a style category of her own. Bright prints, bling, and fur seem to be as signature for Cookie as her bold personality. But when you’re the co-CEO of a major record label, could it be any other way?

And even though Cookie’s everyday style most likely won’t be suited for your day-to-day, you can take elements from it to spice up your wardrobe. Next time you’re out shopping, maybe go for that bolder printer blouse or blingy jewellery piece. Because you never know, maybe these few new additions will be the things to take your style to the next level.


Emily Rhodes, Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor

For those into more conservative fashion choices or who just like to look put-together, you might want to check out Emily Rhodes’s style from Designated Survivor, the show that got saved by Netflix just recently and will be debuting a 10-episode third season sometime next year. Full with drama, political intrigue, and great fashion.

Emily Rhodes, played by Italia Ricci, might not be a businesswoman in the traditional sense of the word. But to successfully serve as the president’s chief of staff you have to not only have stellar strategic skills but also be very business-savvy. And Emily does all that perfectly in a pair of tailored skirts and high heels. Her ensembles are always stylish, modern, on point and tell everybody around her that she means business. Which definitely is something you want from an outfit when going into an important meeting or negating a business deal. Hello, power outfit!


Joan Watson, Elementary


For those of you who have a bit more eclectic sense of style but who also love to look well-dressed, Joan Watson’s outfits from Elementary will be the fashion inspo for you. Because a part of being really good at solving crimes with her partner Sherlock Holmes, who is the latest, more modern rendition of the legendary private detective, Joan is also very talented at putting together outfits that are a little quirky but always very chic.

Played by Lucy Liu, Joan Watson might be Sherlock Holmes’s sidekick, but when it comes to fashion sense, there is nothing inferior about her. She’s often seen rocking business casual ensembles that look amazing yet also somehow comfortable. Blazers, trench coats and dusters paired with printed blouses or a shirtdress are Joan’s go-to’s. And they can be yours as well. Because these closet staples will make you appear professional and polished without looking too stiff or boring. And that sounds like the perfect outfit description for a modern businesswoman, don’t you think?


Iris West-Allen, The Flash

The flash

And last but certainly not least we have Iris West-Allen from The CW hit show The Flash. She’s a journalist by trade and superhero team leader by marriage. And although she herself has donned the Flash suit a few times now, her true fashion prowess shines in her everyday outfits. They are stylish and trendy yet also sleek and minimal, conveying just the right amount of each of Iris’s roles.

Iris West, later West-Allen after she wed the show’s main hero Barry Allen, portrayed by Candice Patton, is partial to heeled booties, moto jackets, loose tops, and tight pants. Which granted are common clothing pieces that I’m sure you have in your closet as you read this article. But it’s the color and length combinations and the textures of Iris’s threads that really make her outfits eye-catching. She isn’t afraid to rock leather pants with lace tops or a cropped moto jacket with a pencil skirt and that is an outfit styling trait we all could use. Because when it comes down to it, no matter if you’re dressing for comfort or trying to impress, interesting and brave outfit combs will always attract attention. Or at the very least be a conversation starter. And you never know where a conversation about your wardrobe could lead you.

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