Five curling mistakes of the modern woman — and how to fix them

You are skipping the heat protectant

Protecting your hair a critical part of achieving the perfect curl. Heat protectants create an essential barrier that helps to smooth the cuticle, protect keratin from heat damage and helps to distribute the heat from your styling tools more evenly. Ensure the hair is fully protected section the hair and spray all over – don’t forget to get right underneath.

The temperature is up to high for your hair type

Remember that viral video of the teen curling her hair only to end up burning it off? Well, it’s actually not that uncommon.


Research has shown that the optimal temperature for your heating tools is around 185 degrees, at this temperature; the hydrogen bonds in the hair will break, and then reform in the shape of the curls. Using any heating toolset higher can melt the keratin on the outside of the cuticle, and once that keratin is damaged, you’ll get heat damage, which completely alters the hair’s natural texture.

How to avoid

You can avoid this by investing in the right heating tools for the job. Many heating tools on the market do not allow you to adjust the temperature and are automatically set by the manufacturer, some at temperatures of up to 300 degrees! To avoid unnecessary damage, stick to quality heating tools such as the Mira Curl 3 by leading brand BaBylissPRO. The Mira Curl 3 has a multiple heat settings from 180 to 230 degrees that allow you to adjust the settings to suit your specific hair types ( from thin to extra thick hair) along with three different auto curl settings to enable you to create styles from tight defined curls to soft natural waves, or loose, relaxed waves and curls.

You curl your hair while it is damp

The hairdryer is the only heat tool that does not come into direct contact with your hair. Only heat tool we repeat, the only heat tool that should ever be applied to damp hair. Why is this important? When you use direct heat to damp hair results in water weakening the bonds in the hair resulting in breakage – under no circumstances is it ok to hear that sizzle sound, yes, you know the one!

You brush out the curls too soon

You spend your money on the best tools ( we hope) and spend time prepping your hair, sectioning, curling, only to ruin it all by brushing out your curls too early. Solution? Ensure you let your curls set and cool completely before reaching for the handy hairbrush.

Avoid Hairspray

While we agree that some hairsprays may leave hair feeling crunchy, stiff, and frankly as you have just stepped out of a bad ’80s film, it is an essential step in holding curls. The formulas have come a long way, and while this will still happen if you spray before you finish curling, a quality hairspray suited to your hair and the style you are looking to achieve will ensure that your curls do not drop too quickly and stay in place.

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