4 Ways to Minimize Distractions That Impede on Employee Productivity

There are many reasons why employees get distracted when they’re working. Plus, it can be really difficult for a person to focus when they have a lot on their mind. However, there are ways that you can encourage focus and productivity among your employees. In order to get the ball rolling in the right direction, begin to implement these four strategies in the workplace.


Encourage Accountability Among Employees

Accountability is really helpful when people want to work on becoming better individuals. If you’ve found that your employees tend to slack off on a consistent basis, it’s a good idea to encourage a bit of accountability amongst one another. Whether it’s through the regular collaboration of teammates or two people who come together for a project, their jobs are on the line and it’s essential to produce excellence.


Create a Beautiful Work Environment

In many cases, people are inspired by their surroundings. If you work toward making sure that the office is a beautiful place, you might experience an increase in the productivity levels of your employees. When a place looks drab and cold, most people will focus on getting out of the space. No one wants to sit under ugly florescent lighting for eight hours at a time. Focus on increasing the amount of natural light, beautiful colors and inspiring aesthetic to make the office look more appealing.


Make Sure the Office Is Comfortable

While looks matter, comfort matters even more. A workplace can look beautiful, but if it’s uncomfortable, everything else goes out the window. If your employees are working in a space that’s either too cold or too hot, that’ll directly impact their ability to focus. Make sure the heating and cooling systems are taken care of outside of normal business hours. Ongoing work on the HV/AC systems could prove to be even more distracting. The same concept applies to smells. If the place has a terrible odor or an overly powerful scent, get it under control. If the room smells like mildew, this might be an indicator of something more serious.


Create a Workplace Culture of Mindfulness

If your employees get sidetracked, consider incorporating classes and seminars on mindfulness. Begin to change the workplace culture in order to become conducive to mindfulness. While taking breaks might seem counterintuitive, sometimes, it’s the very thing an employee needs in order to be the most effective.

As your employees get used to this new style, understand that it might take some time before you experience immediate results. However, be willing to become flexible and open to change. You and your employees have nothing to lose.

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