Minimalist Wardrobe Basics

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Constructing a minimalist wardrobe means creating a tailored capsule collection of versatile items and letting go of the pieces which are strictly limited to one occasion. The main goal of organizing your closet this way is to only end up with versatile items that fit you well, flatter your figure and that you truly enjoy wearing. If you want to create a minimalist wardrobe, here are some basic pieces you should base your new style on:

Classic tank top

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From the gym and casual outings, to dressed-up outfits with dark jeans or a skirt, a classic tank top always has its place. While white and black tank tops are often the most popular choice, you don’t necessarily have to choose those colors if they don’t fit your general aesthetic. There are a lot of quality women’s clothing stores that offer a variety of tank top options in neutral colors and earthy tones, where you can always find a top that complements the palette of your wardrobe.

Short sleeve T-shirt

A short sleeve T-shirt is quite possibly the most versatile item of them all. Whether it’s a V-neck, crew neck or a scoop neck one, opt for a T-shirt which flatters your body shape the most and you will see just how much use you can get out of a simple garment like this. Always choose T-shirts in neutral tones, so that you can easily pair them with any jeans or skirt for a casual look, dress them up with a tailored blazer and a pair of heels, or even wear them as a layering piece under sweaters and cardigans on colder days.

Elegant blouse

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Whether you choose a classic white button-down, a silky white blouse or an elegant wrap blouse, make sure to get one in a fitted style, as they are easier to tuck in, but they also look neat when left out. Whether you wear it to the office or pair it with some jeans for a casual look, there is no denying you will get a lot of wear out of this timeless piece.

Neutral sweater or cardigan

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A neutral colored sweater or cardigan is another great addition to any minimalist closet. Lightweight and breathable, these items can easily be worn on chilly summer nights, as well as layered under jackets and coats during the colder months.

Black skirt

A classic black skirt is another unavoidable part of any functioning wardrobe. Comfortable and versatile, this item of clothing can be worn on almost any occasion imaginable. While it may be the most popular choice, you don’t necessarily have to go for a pencil skirt if it doesn’t suit you or your style – there are many shapes and cuts available that work just as well with all of your other minimalist wardrobe items.

Tailored blazer

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A classic blazer in a neutral color is an unavoidable part of any minimalist wardrobe. Apart from being a business attire staple, this item of clothing can instantly pull any look together and bring a little sophisticated edge to any casual outfit.

Little black dress

The little black dress has become a bit of a cliché, but for a good reason – it was and always will be a wardrobe necessity. Depending on the shoes and accessories you choose, this type of dress can be worn anywhere, from casual settings and laid-back parties to more formal events and even the workplace. Just make sure you choose one that is in the shape and style that flatters your figure the most.

Jeans and ankle pants

Whether you opt for a boot cut, boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans, make sure you invest in a pair that flatters your figure the most. One of the most versatile items you can own, a good pair of jeans perfectly complements any casual outfit, but they also look amazing paired with a blazer and a pair of heels. If you work in an office setting, though, a pair of black ankle pants is a great alternative to overly formal suit trousers.

It can be a daunting task to get rid of some of our clothes, because most of us have become emotionally attached to them. But you need to remember that minimizing your closet does not necessarily mean minimizing your personal style. Have fun with your new wardrobe and focus on the satisfying tasks of creating new looks with the items you love.

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