Attracting Customers

Marketing 101: 5 Keys to Attracting Customers

One of the biggest challenges you may face as a small business owner is getting customers in the door. Even if your goals require that you hit a certain number of sales/visits or hits, getting there is no easy task. A common reason for a lack of customers is poor or nonexistent marketing. There are a few basic marketing techniques every business owner can utilize in order to attract customers. In the following guide, we will check out 5 of those keys.


Improve Your Search Engine Optimization

It is imperative that your business ranks high in search terms related to your company. The primary driver of business traffic these days is the internet. If someone is searching for your services or company on Google and cannot find it, your business will suffer as a result.


Keeping in Touch with Long-Term Customers

The bread and butter for many businesses are their long-term customers. These customers help to increase volume and provide a predictable revenue stream. Do not take these customers for granted. While it may be easier to just collect revenue and ignore them, this will greatly diminish your ability to retain them.


Update Your Social Media Accounts

Social media is key to digital marketing. These platforms provide businesses with a way to easily and cheaply interact with existing customers while attracting new clients. A properly managed and planned social media presence is integral to attracting customers. Using social media, a business owner can set up raffles, events, and many other situations that get your name out there.


Proper Signage

Having a great set of signs to advertise your business can help tremendously. Coast Graphics & Signs, and other professional purveyors of signs can help you to design the right sign for your business. Many studies have shown that a good sign can help dramatically increase foot traffic.


Work with Your Local Community

Community-driven initiatives are another phenomenal way you can engage with your customer base. Not only will taking part in local events, giveaways, donation drives, etc. Help to bring awareness to your company, you will meet a whole new group of potential clients. The good your business does for your community will also be a major selling point for potential customers.


While there is no magic spell to make customers come your way these tips should be sufficient to get you on the right path. Every business and company is different, so feel free to experiment to find out what works best for your niche.

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