Making Corporate Moving Easy

Making Corporate Moving Easy

Many businesses, whether big or small, reach a point when they need to consider moving to a new location. It might be due to the expansion of their business, downsizing, cutting renting costs or trying to get closer to target customers. Whatever the reason may be, a corporate move is an enormous and challenging task that can easily turn into a logistical nightmare.

If moving your offices is the strategy that will ensure your business’s future success, here are several points to consider to make it as easy as possible.


The planning stage

The crucial part of your planning stage is devising a timeline of all the phases of your corporate move. Meet up with your managers and come up with a feasible plan. Collect all the information you can about the new location regarding its layout, storage and outlets so you can plan structural changes if necessary. And, don’t forget to set up a budget. Knowing the budget limits will keep you focused, help you avoid additional costs and make the process stress-free.

Teamwork and communication

Moving office is a stressful task so it’s important to have a good team and keep everyone informed and involved. Make sure you have weekly meetings to address all the concerns and issues, re-evaluate what has been done and check up on the progress.

Relocation is a big deal that brings about many changes. Your employees’ routines and daily commute will inevitably alter so open and clear communication is of the utmost importance. A simple email with plans, schedules, new address and moving date will suffice, so that everyone can remain calm and organised.

Make it a joint effort

Moving companies don’t come cheap and if you can manage, have your employees pack up their things. Make sure everyone has enough boxes for their equipment and supplies and pack everything in their cars. It’s a very practical move as everyone gets to be responsible for their own things only and there’s eventually less confusion, less damage and less cost.

However, you might still need professional help with the phone and internet lines, so when all else is covered and personal items removed, find a reputable moving company to help you relocate. In big busy cities in Australia, it can get hectic moving from one part of the town to another, and with a big load, the risk of damage and additional costs are rather high. Your best option is to rely on a professional and experienced removalist from Sydney who knows how to handle valuable and fragile office equipment.

Making Corporate Moving Easy

Wrapping it up

As the final step in your organisation, make sure you inform all your partners, clients and suppliers of your move and your new address, so you don’t lose them to another business.

Once you have relocated and your employees have unpacked their things, even if not every single detail has been hooked up, let everyone go home. You won’t be able to start immediately anyway, until your computers, phones and internet have been set up. Everyone will be exhausted and stressed out and very appreciative of having the rest of the day off. If you manage to schedule the relocation on Friday, you’ll be able to use the weekend to recharge and start fresh on Monday.

Making Corporate Moving Easy

A corporate move is an exciting new chapter in your business history, and with tips listed here, you’ll be able to do it smoothly and with fewer risks and concerns.

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