Make More Money Doing What You Love

You’ve realised that you can generate more income for your business with the same time you spend working now if you hire a virtual assistant. You like the idea of spending your time doing what you enjoy and know that in return you can generate additional money that will more than cover the expense of a freelancer.  You are excited to delegate the tasks that bore you and that consume time you would rather be doing what you do best.

Remember why you started your business

After all you didn’t open your business to take care of the administrative tasks, to design social media ads, or to learn Quickbooks.  Maybe you want someone to help boost your SEO, improve your content, develop a sales funnel, or ghost write for your blog?

You recognize that there are professionals who focus on specific tasks that you need. All they do every day is develop effective social media campaigns, write content that sells, maximize technology, and maintain bookkeeping records. They are the best at their job. Even though you’re capable to doing a lot of these kinds of tasks, a professional can likely do it faster and is more on top of best practices.

Where do I find a professional?

You are energized by the idea of hiring some extra expert hands.  Now you even have an image of your ideal virtual assistant in your mind.  Now, what? Where do you find this person? How do you communicate what you need and expect? Where should you start?

Make a list

Begin by making a list of the skills that someone working for you should possess. Include the specific tools and programs that you need help with such as Quickbooks, WordPress, or Canva. Then you will need to determine how many hours per week you think you need help, or maybe you have a one-time project. Also, determine your budget.

Think about your preferences

Additionally, you will need to think about other logistics. Consider the following:

  1. Location – Do you prefer to work with someone in a specific time zone or does that not matter?
  2. Time of day – Do you tend to work in the morning or late at night? Do you want to hire someone that works the same schedule as you or do you prefer someone that works opposite so you can have your deliverables waiting for you when you wake up?
  3. Communication style – Are you better with phone conversations, email, or Skype?
  4. Personality preferences   Do you work best with introverts or extroverts?
  5. Management style – Are you looking for someone who you can micromanage or someone who will accept your task and run with the project on their own?

Now that you know what you want, what’s next?

While you can ask around or post a listing on Social Media to find your ideal fit virtual assistant, there is another possibility to consider. Hand your specific wish list  to professionals who are available to make your life easier right away! Technology allows you to search worldwide to find the right fit person to take your business to the next level.

Organwise, business efficiency consultants, administers their Location Independent Job Lead service, which accepts high quality opportunities for businesses looking to hire professionals with the skills they need most. Then Organwise  distributes the leads to their worldwide network of members including virtual assistants, social media managers, graphic designers, online business managers, and other location independent professionals.

Take the first step with Organwise

Businesses can complete the free request for proposal form to describe their needs and Organwise will forward the opportunity to their list of virtual assistants, online business managers, and other service providers who are available for hire. Take the first step to find your ideal fit virtual assistant today so you can do more of what you love tomorrow!

Are you a pro looking for a more efficient way to find clients?

Sign up to receive leads directly to your email inbox at least 2-3 times each week through the Organwise Location Independent Job Leads service for only $20 per month. Networking has never been more efficient!



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