Love beauty? 5 hottest careers you should consider

Finding the perfect profession for you is definitely a hard task. We always choose the one that’s the most profitable, without actually thinking about whether we will like that job in the years to come or not. However, if you have the passion for beauty and beauty industry, then this is your time to do something about it, and find a career that not only will bring you enough bucks, but also make you a more satisfied and happier person (after all, it’s doing the job that we love that brings us the most happiness). So, as the title of this article says – love beauty? These are the hottest careers that you should consider.

1. Edward Scissorhands

Probably the most popular beauty career is that of a hairdresser, and it’s for a good reason – this job really is extremely interesting, and you get to work with the most amazing people and meet new ones along the way. Having our hair done has become an essential part of our life, just like brushing our teeth or wearing clothes. This is why hairdressers can earn a lot, especially if they are successful enough and follow the latest trends. These cannot be easily done at home and this is the reason many tend to visit their favorite salon at least once a month. In order to pursue the career of a hairdresser, there are many courses that you can take and pass, and there is a number of online tutorials on how to achieve a certain look. Of course, you really need to be dexterous if you want to be a hairdresser – not everyone likes asymmetrical hairstyles.


2. Brow Coach

Yes, the brow game has never been stronger, and if you’re really into eyebrows and you know how to tackle them, then you could be the coach of that game. Being a microblading artist is definitely something many people opt for at the moment, and since it’s a business in the rise, now is your time to go for it. Even though there are several courses that are offered online, you should go for a good one, such as the well known PhiBrows training program – you can choose between a live and an online one, depending on what suits you more. Microblading artists can definitely earn a lot per month – for example, the beginner microblading artist in the USA can charge at least $500 dollars per session that lasts around 3 hours.

3. Inking people for money

The tattooing business is extremely popular at the moment, with more and more people opting to get their skin inked each day. Most apprentice programs take up from 1 to 3 years, depending on the actual style you’re focusing on and how well you master this skill. Even though the training is not cheap per se, it will definitely pay off in the future, but make sure to know for sure that this job is for you. A quick tip: if you ever want to open a tattoo parlor, make sure to do so in an area where many young people live.


4. The profession of today

Perhaps you’re not very good with cutting somebody else’s hair or microblading someone’s eyebrows, but if you’re really passionate about beauty and love writing about different beauty products then you should consider the career of a blogger or a vlogger. This is a profession that can make you extremely popular and successful, so if you’re not shy in front of the camera, then why not? It surely won’t bring you any income at first, not until you grow your audience, of course, but if you already have a steady job, this could definitely be your hobby.

5. Make me up before September ends

And finally, there’s always the profession of a great make-up artist. Nowadays there is a plethora of people who do make-up themselves, and even more online tutorials for how to achieve a certain look. However, if you’re good enough and you use all the best (and most expensive) products, there will be a lot of people who will choose to come to you for a special event rather than doing the make-up themselves. The make-up industry is also an industry that pays very well and you can make a large amount of money per hour. Even though there is a myriad of courses (both online and live) that you can take, there is also a number of very successful make-up artists that are self-taught.

Choosing any of these 5 careers will definitely make you a happier person if you’re all into beauty. So, yes, take a break from your current job if you can afford it and try to pursue one of these. If not, you can always find some time to make one of these your hobby.

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