Ways To Make Your Room Look Brand New With Little Effort

We all want a little bit of change every now and then. Looking at the same thing can get quite boring and it can actually bring us down. To make sure that we are always at our best and feeling fresh and energized, we need to do some things differently. One of the things that we can do is to change the setting of our bedrooms. It will not only give it a fresh and new look, but it will also be beneficial for us. Whether you are trying to sell your house, whether you are trying to upgrade it, or you just want to change it for yourself, here are some pointers that are highly effective yet take the least amount of effort. Don’t worry if you can’t pay someone to redecorate your place. You can do small things like change the position of your bed, arrange your items lying on the table, or get the best aesthetically pleasing blinds in Sydney. All these can completely change the look of your rooms.

Make your bed

Now this one is so simple that it actually sounds redundant. But the surprising thing about making your bed is that it can bring a huge change to the look of your room. It not only looks great but also feels great. When the first thing you do in the morning is making your bed, you feel good about accomplishing a task and prepare yourself for the rest of the day in a good mood. The important thing here is that when you do get back home from the office, you don’t want to see an untidy place waiting for you. Whether it’s your bedroom or any other room, you want to come home to a comfortable and friendly place, not something that resembles a warzone.

Clean up after yourself in general

Cleaning up is usually a boring task that we all dread. Why is that? Well, it is because we usually get up to clean when we know that there is no other way. We clean when our house is in a totally dilapidated condition and we feel humiliated in living there. What you can do is to clean up immediately after you have done an activity so that it takes less time and the room keeps on looking spick and span. No need to leave your clothes lying around, no need to leave a clutter. You will see just how much an impact it makes on the room when you enter it and don’t find a mess waiting for you.

Bring in a plant

Having a plant is always a good thing. Not only do they set the mood, but they also remove toxins from the environment and help you feel calm and relaxed. Plants also add to the overall beauty of the place and you will find that your room will automatically start looking fresher and more inviting.

Get curtains

Curtains are always good to improve the vibe of the room. If you don’t have curtains, you should get them right now. And if you do have curtains, maybe it’s time to change them. You could also try to hang them a little bit higher. It will give the impression of a high window and increase the openness of the room. Colorful and aesthetically pleasing curtains are always a great way to brighten up your room.

Get rid of extra furniture

We are all in the habit of buying things that we think we need and then having that stuff all around us, not knowing what to do with it. One of the best ways of making your room feel bigger and more open is to remove all the unwanted stuff and furniture out of the room. Either transfer it to another room or just sell it or give it away to someone who needs it. It will open up space in the room. You can either leave that space open, or you can put something that you actually use in that space. Whatever you do, it will have an overall good effect on you.

Hang some wall art

There aren’t many things that can bring you down than a totally bare wall. Unless you are a minimalist, you should try to cover your wall with something that brightens up the place and looks good. Staring at a blank wall every time you step into the room will only bring you down. You can hang frames on the wall and put your family and friends’ pictures or you can hang various designs on it. If you are an art lover, go by your local art gallery and see if there is something you like. If you don’t have that kind of budget, just take up a DIY project and make something for your wall yourself. There are a lot of resources that can help you on the internet. All it takes is a little search and browsing and you will easily find what you’re looking for.

Add a little light

Have you ever noticed that a dress that looks fabulous in the store, doesn’t look the same when you’re home? That is partly because of the lighting that they have done. Now we’re not asking you to put a couple of bright white lights throughout your room. What you can do is to tastefully add one or maybe two additional sources of light like a table lamp or a floor lamp. That will not only brighten up the room, it will also add a little sophistication to the entire setting.


These are some of the things that you can do without putting in too much of an effort and you will end up with a nice looking room that looks almost brand new. All it takes is a little imagination, creativity, organization, and you are good to go.

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