How Do I Look? 4 Steps to Managing Your Business’ Online Face

Many consumers spend at least a brief amount of time learning more about a business and its products or services before finalizing buying plans. In some cases, consumers will be so turned off by what they find online that they decide not to make a purchase with a specific company. This information may be so significant that the consumer never considers doing business with a specific company again, and they may even spread the word to their friends, neighbors, and colleagues. When this type of scenario plays out repeatedly, it can be devastating to a business. There are a few steps that you can take to identify issues with your online appearance and to improve situations that are identified.


Design Your Website with Care

The primary experience that consumers will have with your business online is through your own website. The website’s overall design and content may reflect what your company stands for, the target audience that you appeal to and more. It may even facilitate purchases with ease or provide other services to customers. Reviewing your current website analytics may tell you which pages are visited most frequently, which pages are most frequently clicked off of, if your customers are abandoning a full shopping cart, and more. If you identify issues with your website’s design, make thoughtful improvements to give your customers the best overall experience and to promote a positive brand image.


Read and Respond to Consumer Reviews

After consumers visit a company’s website, they often will gather information about the company in other ways. Reading reviews is a seemingly easy way for consumers to learn about the experiences that others have had with your company and your products or services. Some online reviews are so excessively negative in their comments that the writer is viewed as biased in some way, and the negative review may be written off by others. A single negative review may also not carry much weight with most consumers. However, when you have an excessive number of negative comments posted online, this is a sign that action needs to be taken by your company to improve your online image. You may need to address the issues presented in the reviews. You also may need to hire an online reputation management firm for assistance with serious matters.


Manage Your Social Media Profiles

Businesses are increasingly using social media marketing, and this means that your company’s social media profiles should be properly designed and managed. Social media platforms may be a direct and regular communication portal that your customers have access to, and they often will visit these platforms more frequently than your website. The messages, images, and videos that you post to your social media accounts directly affect your image. The comments that others leave on your posts are also critical. Remember to read and respond to comments regularly.


Update Business Review Websites

Some consumers will check websites like to learn more about companies like Xyngular, for example, before making a buying decision. You should be aware of leading business review websites, and you should manage the content on these websites as much as possible. In the event that inaccurate or negative information is shown on third-party websites, special steps may be required to update this information as needed.


Your online image is critical to your business’s overall success. It is not reasonable to simply toss marketing out there, such as TV and radio spots, and expect that this is all that it takes to develop and manage your image. Through these additional steps, you can develop an exceptional online image that helps to guide your company to growth and prosperity.

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