Living Local: 4 Businesses to Find First When You Move to a New City

When you are preparing to move to a new city, you may take numerous steps to ensure that your new home is set up as comfortably and quickly as possible. For example, you may establish service for water, electricity, gas and trash removal before your moving day. You may also plan for the connection of cable and Internet services within a day or two after you move in. While these are veritable essentials that you may not be able to comfortably live without, there are a few additional business types that you should find as soon as you begin to get settled into your new home and city.

A Family Doctor

You may primarily visit a family doctor and take your family members to the doctor for an annual health checkup. However, a family doctor may also provide acute care services, such as when a sudden illness develops and urgent treatment is needed without delay. Warning signs may also be investigated by a family doctor, and this professional may refer you to a specialist when needed. Because you never know when you will need the special services of a family doctor to care for you or your loved ones, spend time researching family doctors as soon as possible. You may even transfer your medical records from your previous doctor to this professional so that you can become established without delay.

A Dentist

Just as you may need rapid service from a family doctor, you may also need assistance from a dental professional without delay in some situations. You can research dental offices close to your new home to find one that accepts your dental insurance and that is accepting new patients. Just search Google with terms like “dentist in Morgantown WV” for your town and see which clinic fits best. You may also transfer dental records and recent x-rays from your previous dental office to the new office where you want to get established. Setting up your next regular hygiene exams for each family member is also a smart step to take so that a lapse in these exams does not occur.

A Grocery Store

Almost as soon as you finish unloading the moving truck, you may need to run to the grocery store to stock up your fridge and pantry with essentials. You can easily find the nearest grocery store by using the mapping feature on your smartphone. This may suffice for your first grocery store trip, but you may want to try a few other nearby grocery stores to find one that you enjoy visiting. Everything from the availability of specific products that you enjoy using to the cleanliness of the store can affect your store preference.

A Pharmacy

In many families, at least one member takes medication on a regular basis. This may be birth control pills, high blood pressure pills, migraine medication, anti-depressants, insulin shots or something else. You may need to immediately transfer your prescriptions to a new pharmacy. The new pharmacy that you select may be located inside the grocery store that you ultimately end up frequenting, but this is not always the case. For example, a corner drugstore may be located just down the street from your new neighborhood, and this may be more convenient for you to visit frequently. If you will pay for medications without insurance, the price of medications at different pharmacies should be researched.

While setting up utilities services for your new home may be a top priority to get established in your new home, you also need to take a few additional steps to feel comfortable living in your new town. For most families, each of these businesses plays a vital role in lifestyle, convenience, health and more. Spend time researching these businesses in your new area so that you can get more established and feel more at home in your new city.

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