Letterpress Printing

Letterpress Printing 101: The Whole Concept and all that you need to know!

The concepts of debossing and emboss are an integral part of printing business and wedding cards! It can give your project an enhanced look. The look of your business card, wedding invitation or any other printed material completely depends on the type of printing method that has been used. The most popular options are debossing and emboss.

Before, you start with the methods of printing, you need to understand the concept of letterpress printing. It has many perks and applications. You just need a reputed printing facility or company to help you. They will help design and print the materials that you need.


  •  What is Letterpress Printing?

This is a printing process that inks and presses each letter on paper. It takes hard work, but the result achieved by using this technique is unique and elegant. To top this unique feature, the printed material offers a lovely feel, because the letters are not digitally printed! The letters are pressed into the paper. In fact, any card or invitation that is created with this method has an old world charm to it!


  •  Where can you Use this kind of printing Method?

This method can be used for creating various kinds of materials. Here are some of the materials that you can create using this method:

  1.       Business Cards
  2.       Swing Tags
  3.       Stationery
  4.       Wedding Invitations
  5.       Corporate Stationery & other Materials
  •  Deboss or Blind Letterpress or Emboss: Which route do you take?

Most people looking to create wedding invitations and other material might want something and ask for the exact opposite because they have no idea about the terminology. Most often, people get confused between embossing, blind letterpress and deboss. So, we are here to sort out your confusion.

  1.       Emboss: In this method, the letters are pressed from the back of the material. So, the letters are pressed from the backside and up.  This creates a 3D image of the text printed for the paper. So, front side has the popped up letters and the back side has pressed in letters. This method can be completed with two types of material. They are:

o   Foil

o   Oil

  1.       Deboss: In this method, an indentation of the letter is created on the material. This is created by stamping a metal die. It is basically the reverse of embossing. It can also have two methods of enhancing the printed material. You can either create an outline for the indented text or fill it with color completely.   
  2.       Blind Letterpress: This kind of printing is also known as blind deboss. The reason for the term blind is because there is neither any ink to outline the indentation or color it all. This method is similar to deboss and emboss, but entirely different at the same time. Confused?! Well, the difference is in the fact that the letters are not pushed to the other side.

All of these methods are suitable for a different kind of material! Whether it is a visiting card or an invitation, you will get a look that is elegant and elevated.


  •  Why should you Hire a Top notch Agency for your letterpress printed material?

Without the help of a reliable printing company, how do you plan on achieving the complex techniques mentioned above? Even if by sheer luck you do get the material printed, you will be left with a material that is low in quality.

A reputed company or agency has experts, who will work with you to create the designs and font for the printed material! The companies, even have experts, who specialize in embossing, deboss and blind letterpress.

So, all your printed material will look exactly as you wanted them to look like. Hand out the invitations, letterpress business card or whatever you had the company print, and win accolades for your smart choice of using the best printing method!

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