Let support be the voice for your customers

Any business owner would know that for a business to prosper and thrive, they need to give due recognition to the voice of customers. That is the key to customer success. If you are wondering what the voice of customer means then you should understand that it is the feedback the customers give. They can talk about their experience, their likes as well as dislikes. Based on the data you gather through this process, you will be able to drive conversions.

One should never ignore feedback. In fact any customer concern should get high priority from you. Once you establish yourself as a customer-centric business, in no time you will see the number of your brand loyalists growing in leaps and bounds.

Here are five simple ways to provide the customers with what they are looking for.

1. Customer support – Be responsive and responsible. A customer who has had any hiccups is already perturbed. Profuse apologies not backed by action will do no good to your business. Take action. Sort out the problem with fast action. The customer will forget the obstacle and remember how rapidly the issue got resolved. They will learn to depend on your brand. Empower the people in your tea to take prompt action rather than just letting them read scripted apologies. The faster you will act, the better it would mean for your business. Do not engage in unnecessary information exchange as it simply causes delays and agitates the frustrated customer.

2. Take ownership – Once the problem gets sorted the e-mail trail of complaint and apologies begin to run cold. Instead of it getting lost. Use your data carefully. Ascertain the type of customer for instance a regular or a newbie who had the problem. Look into the issue closely. Take steps to rectify the problem and avoid any such future mishap. Organize and analyze the data you receive through the feedbacks. Look for the loopholes and the minutest details which can be of value to bring in change and improvements. Use your gathered data into application. Get your creative team or marketing involved alongside of the technical team. Engage in brainstorming sessions and come up with innovative and practical solutions. Develop a process of systematically using customer feedback data.

3. Walk in the customer’s shoes – Elon Mask had said, “I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better.” To make any effective change to bring about customer success, you should start thinking like the customers. There can be no better way to address the pain points. Compare and contrast your experience with that of the customers. Give special attention to details that bothered or concerned the customers the most. Take notes on the preferences, aversion, diversion and expectation of the customers. Never underestimate the feedback received from your customers. Analyze it and give it due importance it well help you in due course.

4. Kano analysis – If you follow the kano method, you will channel your efforts into building a product or service which would guarantee customer success. The satisfaction a customer can get would determine the fate of your business. It would be wise if you can pay attention to the three factors in the Kano model that help you with the voice of the customers. So make sure that

You fulfill the basic requirements – These are the non-negotiable conditions the customer needs to get engaged to your products. Make sure you satisfy the customers with the bare minimum. Do not leave out any scope for improvements in such sphere.

Boost the positives- Make efforts to find out what is working for the customers in the entire system of things. Make sure the customers get satisfaction from what they are used to finding great about your product or services. Give an impetus to what you are doing right and let the customer feel content.

Delighters – These are the extras or added benefits you shower the customers with. These factors should get the excited and delighted at the prospect of doing business with you. These are the factors that help you earn those brownie points and set you a class apart. They are not something the customers are expecting but if available will certainly excite and entertain them.

5. Prioritization – Once you are done with your kano analysis. Begin your prioritization process to arrange and re-arrange things in your organization to enjoy customer service job. Look for emerging trends. A prior delighter may get considered as a necessity given change in times. Get busy on social media. Stay abreast with the latest to spot any developing needs or expectations that your customers can have in the future. Stay alert and be prepared.

You can gather all your feedbacks through surveys, engage in social media, create conversations. Do not wait for customer to hand you the feedback, reach out to them to get their precious inputs. You can get them involved in product development through suggestions. You can also use focu groups and net promoter scope surveys.

Your ultimate goal is to win customers, it can be achieved by sharing their emotion and your vision. Soon enough you will have brand loyalists who will help you grow much more as a business.

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