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Let articles & blogs bring attention to your business

When looking for a cost-effective way to promote your business, consider keyword articles and an article marketing campaign. In addition, blogs are great ways to keep your target market up-to-speed on happenings in your business.

Here are a few tips for letting articles and blog posts bring attention to your business.


Keyword articles are content that incorporates search terms related to your particular business. Are you a clothing retailer? Then a keyword article you or a freelance writer creates may contain keywords such as “organic cotton summer dresses” or “straight fit jeans” as examples. The idea is that a web searcher will key in these words and this will lead them to your articles. It’s a great way to get exposure for your business.

Upon creation of a series of articles, you then send them to an article marketing service. They will distribute your articles to a myriad of publishers on the Web. This ensures you reach as many people as possible, gaining greater exposure for your business.

Informative articles, on topics related to your business are an excellent showcase for your enterprise. They’re a chance for you to establish yourself as an authority in your field. They also are a vehicle for including links back to your website, where you can engage potential customers further.

At the end of each article that you write and submit to an article distribution service, you have the opportunity to include a link in the “Author’s Resource” box. This link will be to your website where you present your products and services. The “Author’s Resource” box gives the reader a concise description of the author and/or their business enterprise.

Using articles to promote your business in general and products/services in particular means not engaging in blatant promotion or sales hype. Your articles must convey useful information to your readers. They must provide timely, relevant information, as well as answers to their questions. In addition, they may offer solutions to readers’ concerns.

In essence, you are offering value to your audience when presenting quality information in article form. You can begin more direct promotion of your business once a reader links back to your website from your article. Let your articles inform and send readers to your website. Once there, you can then present them more information on the products and services you have to offer.

Blog Posts

Daily or weekly blog posts can inform your customers and potential customers on new products and services you have. A blog post can also present information, tips, advice and more to your audience. A blog is a way to connect with your niche quickly, and they are easy to maintain.

After you create a blog, begin populating it with frequent posts. You can do this daily. In addition, a general rule of thumb is to try and post three times per week. You can promote your blog by submitting it to the major blog directories. Promote your blog through social media, put a link to it in your e-mail signature, and use good old word-of-mouth as well.

When appropriate, add some video content to your blog. Break up the text in your blog posts so they’re not long tedious blocks of reading with no white space. Keep your posts to a reasonable length; don’t wax on so a post becomes a short story. If you have much to say, break your one very long post into two or three shorter posts.

If you desire to have a company blog but don’t have the time to write posts each week, consider a freelance writer who will write the content for you. Let a corporate blog be an online ambassador for your business.

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