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Learn to Learn: How to Master New Language While Working Full Time

The pace of a modern lifestyle and the demands at work and home lead many people into believing that they don’t have the time to pursue other life goals, like learning a new language. In reality, we all have the same amount of time in the day – everyone gets 24-hours to live. How we choose to live it is what makes the difference.

It’s entirely possible to work full time and achieve the dream of learning a new language. All it takes is an attitude adjustment on your part. If asking for directions in Spanish, or ordering sushi in Japanese has always been something that you’ve aimed to achieve, then it’s worth your time to take action toward it.

If you’re still in doubt that it’s possible to balance work, social life, and the family with learning a new skill, read through these time management tips. If you choose to implement them every day, you’re sure to find the time you need to learn any foreign language you like.


Commit to Learning

Many people stop learning the moment they leave college. In fact, many people stop learning long before then. It’s easy to get lost in the routine existence of life, with obligations to family, work, and friends taking up a lot of your time. Cast aside these excuses and commit to learning.

Committing to better yourself through learning a new skill like a language is a valuable investment of your time. When you commit to something, your subconscious mind goes to work creating the situations and circumstances you need to fulfill that commitment.


Set Your Goals and Schedule Your Time

Time is all we have. Therefore, it makes sense not to waste it doing activities or tasks that are unrelated to achieving our primary goals in life. Remove this sense of uncertainty from your experience with goal setting and planning.

When you have a written plan with concise goals, you know where you want to go. People are more likely to achieve their goals if they are written down, a goal that isn’t written down is just a wish.

With your goals defined and your planning completed, it’s time to look at your schedule to find the time you need to execute your learning strategy. Take note of all of the moments in the day where you have downtime that can be applied to your learning, then schedule that time and stick to your commitment.


Make the Most of Your Time

Why work hard when you can work smart instead? For instance, you could try a new method that helps you learn Spanish faster by taking advantage of downtime in your day that would otherwise be spent doing unproductive things.

Learn on your commute by listening to podcasts, refresh your word lists on a lunch break, attend a language exchange luncheon, or listen to foreign language songs while you’re out running errands. Be creative with your time and how you choose to spend it.


Make It Part of Your Daily Routine

Experts agree that if you repeat behavior for 90 days, it will become ingrained as part of your regular habits. Find the time to execute your learning strategy every day and then congratulate after your learning period for finding the time.

Success breeds success and the more you can do to repeat positive learning behavior; the faster your mind will adjust to making it part of your daily experience.


Look for Language Partners

The fastest way to learn a new language is by practicing verbal communication with fluent partners. Speaking with a language partner can fast-track your learning, they have complete command of the language and can make adjustments to your grammar, tone, dialect, and vocabulary on the spot.

Find a new language partner by visiting your local YMCA and sign up for a language class, or search through Craigslist for a tutor. If you have a friend or colleague that’s fluent in the language, take the chance to interact with them whenever you can.


Learn Online in Your Own Time

The internet is the greatest advent of modern history. Nowadays you can learn almost anything online from the comfort of your laptop or mobile device. There are thousands of language courses available for download to any device.

All you need to do is use your phone to learn a new language. An online course allows you to learn in your own time and at your own pace.


Take Massive Action

If you want to achieve your dreams in life, then you have to be prepared to take massive action. Nothing will happen for you if you don’t make an effort, so stay motivated and inspired on your quest. Do something every day to advance you towards achieving your goals.

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