Labels, laughs, and location: How to promote your product to the public

Promoting and marketing your product to the public is key to your company’s success. If you don’t get the word out, you won’t get the retail or digital traffic you need to make sales and revenue. Thus, your expenses will pile up while your profits disappear. So understanding the right strategy is essential. Here are four ways you can turn your product into something everyone knows about.



People are persuaded by the perceived importance, validity, or health that certain labels can imply about products. For instance, if your business produces food products, having organic or other certifications could boost sales from the associations they produce in your customer’s mind. Hiring professionals to do nutritional profiling could help your sales and credibility. Consider also the benefits that come with redesigning your older labels to something more modern and friendly.



There are times when you need to be professional in business. Other times, a more casual tone will help you more. For instance, a lawyer might have a more somber tone but someone who is selling tickets to a rock concert would find that their promotion efforts are more successful when they let their true personality shine through.



The channel and location of your promotion will have a major effect on your sales results. Certain products simply look and feel better in person, while others are easily sold online.

For instance, when buying homes, your real estate clients will want to do a walkthrough. However, one way to combine different channels is have online video walkthroughs while also using tablets in person. In essence, you are using digital to enhance offline and offline methods to enhance your digital strategy at the same time.


Old School

There is nothing wrong with knocking on doors. And people today seem to forget that phones make calls too, not just browse the web. So when it comes to promotion methods, don’t get too tied up in using online technology. Use traditional methods just as much as you would with newer methods. You will find that with a multichannel approach you reach more customers and get buzz going sooner.

When it comes to getting the word out about your product, there is more than one way to see results. However, there are certain methods that will yield better results than others. Don’t just jump in without studying the right approach. Use the tips above so you can promote your product without seeming like an advertisement and while also offering a lot of value for your audience.

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