Key ingredients to hitting your fitness goals

Whether you’re raising a family, running your own business or working your way up the corporate ladder, sometimes the hustle and bustle of everyday life can make hitting your fitness goals appear too far from reach!

As a multi-franchise owner of Xtend Barre, I hear a lot of fitness goals. Some of my members want to lose weight, others want to build muscle, and some members are seeking a way to better manage their stress levels. No matter what your goal is, creating one is the first step of success.

It’s important to set goals so you have a clear understanding of exactly what you want to achieve and you can keep yourself accountable against them.

Your goals shouldn’t be so big that they’re impossible. Instead, create goals you know are achievable and are reasonable with your lifestyle.

Here’s 6 steps to help create and achieve your fitness goals – once and for all.

Be realistic with results: When starting a new training program or fitness routine, don’t expect results from the get-go – imagine it as a slow and steady burn. Results can take longer than you generally like but the results will come.  Allow yourself at least a month or more to find your body’s rhythm. Even if you aren’t doing a full workout routine, consistent walks or runs can change the way you feel over time.

Organisation is key: One of the main parts of smashing your goals is being organised. Set yourself up for success at the start of each week by scheduling in when you plan to do your exercise. By adding your planned exercise sessions into your work or home calendar, like you would include catch-ups with your friends, you are allocating this time to fitness and therefore making it harder not to stick to it. Plus, organising your exercise to begin on a Monday is a great way to feel in control of your fitness routine for the week.

Be sure to have healthy meals and snacks prepared in advance! Nutrition goes hand in hand with exercise, therefore your results will drastically change when you have a balanced diet, drink plenty of water and get quality sleep.

Goal identification: Think about what makes you work out, why do you want to push yourself? If you have an emotional connection to a goal, then there is greater chance of achieving it. For example, ‘’I want to feel confident in my bikini’’, therefore I want to tone muscle, or ‘’I need a break from the stress of mum life’’ so I feel like I am getting me time, therefore the goal could be to walk 3x a week and make time for yourself.

Be accountable for your goals: Let people know about your goal, maybe your best friend, your mum or your partner. Once others know about your goal, you’ll feel the urge to follow through with your plan to achieving it. Your friends and family are great for motivation and will be able to encourage you when you need it. Another great way of keeping yourself on track is writing your goal on your mirror or putting a sticky note on the dashboard of your car as a constant reminder!

Be open minded and adaptable: Some weeks your goals will feel achievable, but other weeks you will feel the slum of work or home life stress or simply be too socially busy to smash through your goals. Don’t be hard on yourself, if you slip behind, reschedule and work harder the following week. Life is busy and no one is perfect so don’t let this get to you.

Positive attitude: Each person’s goals can vary, but no matter what the goal is, start with a positive mindset.

Commit to your goals, and remember you are strong, you’ve got this!

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