Key industries that can’t survive without steel fabrication

In every household or working space, metals play a very important role be it appliances or light fixtures or utensils etc. So, there’s an utmost need to convert raw metal into pre-made shapes for general use. This is done by a process known as metal fabrication. Each part of that process takes a lot of skill and degree of practice. Much expensive tools and machines need to be mastered. But metal fabrication is powerful enough to cut, drill, fold, and weld even the strongest metal on earth.

Now, among those much-needed metal fabrication processes, let’s tell you about one of the most crucial types, steel fabrication. It plays a vital role in various different industries. Steel is known for its versatility, strength, tensile nature, and value. And so there ire a zillion of industries which put to use steel fabrications. And who exactly have the skill and expertise to provide the fabrications? They are of course, the steel fabricators. Wainwright is one such general engineering services company who offer the best of steel solutions to your business. They engineer your part to satisfaction with the help of press brakes, laser cutters, CNC machining technology and the guillotine.


Industries that require steel fabrication :

Another reason industries choose steel is because of their eco-friendly nature.  They are recyclable making it an even better choice for the sectors. So, if you are in need of steel fabrication skills and other high quality engineering services like conveyor rollers, hire the right people who can help you. Material handling equipment like conveyors is quite popular and needed in most industries. Similarly, any industry that might require metal would profit from steel fabrication. But there are some specific industries, which require steel fabrication on a daily basis.

1. Architectural steel : The versatility of steel makes it the perfect choice for innovative designs and complex structures. This resilient and eco-friendly building material is used by builders all over the globe. Architects go for steel interior finishes as well as ceiling work, stair cases, handrails, gates etc.

2. Commercial construction : Structural steel is the life and body of commercial construction. It’s universally favoured due to its malleability. It can be easily moulded and joined to form shapes. They are the key element in structures like skyscrapers, to buildings that couldn’t have been constructed without steel. Also steel makes the structures fire-resistant and non-corrosive.

3. Mining : Steel is quite closely linked with the mining sector. Structural steel is very vital to the mining infrastructure. It’s used in various ways such as building of warehouses, storage workshops, structural parts of mines, walkways etc. Major steel fabrication elements in mining are rails, rods, beams, grating, fittings, pipes etc.

4. Shipbuilding : The shipbuilding industry is one that relies heavily on steel as a major constructional element. They are used in the construction of super tankers to small ferries to recreational boats. Major products include steel flooring, grating, steel sheets for hulls, ladders, conveyance tubing etc. Steel is used across a massive range of applications including ship repair and maintenance industries.

5. Automotive : The transport industry consumes about 16% of the total steel in the world. And a major portion of that is the automotive industry. Cars use up steel in various ways starting from safety reinforcements to structural elements. Though nowadays, many modern makes and models of cars require much lighter and stronger steel than the average fabricated one.

These are some of the major applications that your average steel fabricator shall come across on a regular basis. It’s fascinating how pervasive steel is in the modern world. There are various companies who offer high quality steel fabrication services. They have expert professionals who ensure that whatever you need shall get fabricated most efficiently, according to your requirements and delivered on time.

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