Katie Stevens

Katie Stevens is just minding her business

Katie, we’re so excited to interview you for Soar Collective, as we are big fans of your Minding Her Business (MHB) events, they look divine! Can you tell our readers what Minding Her Business is all about?

We live by our mantra “Connect, Collaborate & Create”! MHB is all about connecting like-minded women and expanding your friendship circle. We encourage women to step outside of their comfort zone and create an opportunity for themselves. , Every single touch we add to the events is built off the 3 x C’s and even the brands we integrate with MHB are hands selected to enhance the experience on the day. Our long-term goal is to just have as many touch points as we can with the women in the business community in Australia.


Where did the idea for the business come from, and how did the first event come about?

I previously owned a promotional modeling agency and after selling it in Nov 2014, I was constantly connecting Influencers (previously models) with brands for them to create projects with. From the age of 19, I started attending many women’s networking events and they were all very corporate. I jumped from one to the other looking for that “wow” factor, glam event and never found one…. So I created it! I encourage any woman in my situation to do the same, if you think the market deserves better with something, then create it.

The events look amazingly glamorous- I’ve spotted Veuve glasses for bubbles, cupcakes, grazing tables.. tell me about the “experience” of an MHB event?

Everything has to be “insta worthy” right?… Photo booths, Donut walls, Macaroon Towers, Custom Inspo Stamped cookies – you name it. We are creative and have an awesome team who are constantly thinking of new ideas and ways to make our events an unforgettable experience! The thing we talk about as a team regularly is ‘what do we want people to walk away feeling?’ Once we can answer that, it is easier to reverse engineer how we achieve that feeling through the engagement and activations on the day.


What can people expect, content-wise? What kind of speakers do you look for?

This is something we have always been super critical of, your speakers are your drawcards outside of the brand reputation. We work through a pretty grueling process to analyze who can provide the best knowledge base for our audience to draw from and if they can also provide genuine entertainment in the process. We never wanted the events to be ‘heavy hitting’, we want people to be given some great tips and points of wisdom without being forced to intensely accept all of the information! Fun is one of the things we value most.

What does your ticket at an MHB event buy you?

Plenty! It is amazing when we first started the goodie bag was just a nice little afterthought for us as a team. But now it is become well renowned we provide a kick-ass goodie bag for our attendees. You will receive a guaranteed 300 dollars in value in the bag, you will always be well fed, well hydrated and thoroughly entertained by your time at MHB! The other thing we could never have expected this soon is how many businesses would start from connections on the day. After our first 5 events, there have ten spin off businesses from people that met at MHB. An average of two new brands per event – this is something we are so very proud of.

I’ve heard you are expanding into other locations, tell us about your plans for that?

Each time we have expanded into a new area, like the move to the Gold Coast and then Sydney – we are just overwhelmed with how much people are looking for this kind of event and how the brand MHB connects with them. Our hope is to get around the country and influence as many people as we can, but in saying that, we are methodical with our process and will only expand to a new region if we believe we can deliver them a world class event. Each event has to be a true reflection of the brand we are building. Melbourne fans, we are happy to say we are coming for you – sooner rather than later!

Outside of the physical events, what other ways can attendees get involved in your community?

We have a Facebook Forum for our MHB community to connect and support one another. It’s a great way to reach out to other women for advice and post an upcoming get together and ideas. We also have some BIG cross brand collaborations coming up… stay tuned !

You’ve got quite the colourful background, Katie, talk us through all your other exciting projects outside of MHB?

My life is fun, adventurous and I love to live in the fast lane. I run 2 other businesses Visual Beauty Australia and Pure Skinn. I’m also a Supercars Ambassador, which has me travelling frequently. I often do some MC work and am given the opportunity to speak to the corporate world about what we have achieved and my business background. I am also so grateful for the handful of brands I represent and their long term support of me – I only endorse companies I believe in and love, so these brands will always have a special place in my heart.

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