Interview with Becca Berg, co-founder of Dubsado.

In this exclusive interview, we get to know Becca Berg, who is one of the Founders of Dubsado. One of our favorite CRM systems, Dubsado has an almost cult-like following and incredible features for businesses and freelancers. We use the system for Soar Collective, but also our sister businesses, Darling Don’t Panic and Jac Bowie Digital Media.

So Becca, as you know I am a massive DUBSADO fan. I’m like a woman with a new Thermomix. Tell me where the idea for the software came from? 

I was a photographer before Dubsado and was desperately searching for a solution to keep me more organized and easier to scale my business.  I wanted to do less busy work and work more in my business, not on it.

Can you explain to our readers, what the software is and how it works? 

Dubsado is a client management system.  We help with sending contracts, questionnaires, invoices, getting you paid by clients, keeping your bookings in one place, and so much more.

I heard your son came up with the name, tell me about that? 

Our son Charlie was about 2.5 at the time we were creating Dubsado.  He was in a phase of singing everything.  For a while he kept singing, Dubs-a-deeee, Dubs-a-doooo, Dubs-a-deeee, Dubs-a-doooo….so we chose Dubsado as we are always centered around a family in all that we do!

You’ve really nailed the client experience, with the welcome kits in the early days. As a user it does feel like the head office is so accessible, how do you manage this?  

We like our users to know that they are heard.  From the very beginning to now our goals are to provide many outlets out users can get in touch with us.  We make a point to be live or present in our Facebook group twice a week.  We are on Instagram Stories a few time a week going behind the scenes.  We share on our weekly vlogs what the Dubsado office life is like.  We always are portraying that we are real people just like our users…Not just a stale system.

Dubsado are known for their amazing customer service

I’m so excited about the online scheduling coming soon, can you tell me a few other key updates in the works? 

Our dev team is ALWAYS working on features or updates.  There is never a dull moment here at Dubsado.  Our next big, big items are our user interface redesign as well as the scheduler.

Walk me through the new branding? 

We are not finished yet with our branding redo, as this is part of our UI redesign.  But we are going for lots of color, bold, and sleek lines!

The Dubsado Team

What were you doing before Dubsado? 

Before Dubsado I was a photographer and I worked full time at my parent’s software company and their other modeling agency business.  I had lots and lots going on back then too! 😉

How do you juggle a growing business, a husband, kids, and time with your girlfriends?

It is a juggle and it is a routine that is always changing.  We live quite the hectic life, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.  Jake, my husband, is the most supportive human on this planet and when I need a little alone / relax time he tells me to just go have alone time.  I work out a lot.  This helps with stress.  3 of the 6 workouts I do in a week are with my best friend so I guess that counts as friend time too 😉

What are your favourite apps / software right now? 

Intercom has literally changed our business.  It keeps us in the loop with our customers real time.  This is where we have our live chat hosted with and all our emails directed through as well.  Additionally, they host our help center.  They are pretty freakin’ awesome.

I love the automation of Dubsado for leads, can you tell me some other tools you love for automation in your business? 

We love Gusto for automating all our payroll and managing our employees.  We just set it up and don’t do much after that.  From sending 1099 and w-2’s automatically, to having logins for all our employees so that they can access their records at anytime.  It really makes that whole side of things effortless.

What else is next for Becca, any other projects outside Dubsado? 

I’m all Dubsado for now.  It is a full time job x 10000 and I just really, really enjoy it.  My job in Dubsado is so multi faceted that there is no chance to ever feel stale.

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