Interesting jewellery gifting ideas for men

Traditional pieces of jewellery were largely a part of men’s fashion accessories too. Aristocrat men used to adorn in gold from head to toe. With changing times, men’s jewellery has come down to simple jewellery and the key is to look sober. But when it comes to gifting a man in your life something precious, jewellery does not get the much-deserved attention. In this article, let us see what you can gift a man in gold or silver:


Finger Rings

Men only limit themselves to wearing their wedding rings. But men who know about fashion trends know how magnificent rings of different kinds look on manly fingers. Finger rings of gold, diamond or silver can perfectly compliment a man’s look perfectly. Thumb rings can also add the desired masculinity to his everyday fashion. A man can wear one or more rings on multiple fingers according to his comfort and choice. You can gift a finger ring to your boyfriend or husband on special days.


Men Fashion Chains

Most men might frown upon hearing the word ‘chains’ as it is more of a feminine jewellery. But now they are for men too! An 8 gram gold chain can be modified in terms of their size, length, and colour to make it for men. Thick 10 grams gold chain can give him the perfect regal look. Chains are also available with customized pendants. You can also select silver chains depending upon your budget. You can go for a few designs that are a bit flashy for occasions like marriage and other festive celebrations. They can complement the manly ethnic look perfectly!


Metal Bracelets

Men know that the charm of a silver or gold bracelet is different. And also no other style can beat the look of a chain bracelet. You can get them customized if you want a different look to make it right for the man you are gifting.


Male Earrings

Male earrings and studs are also available in gold and silver. Men can wear them in both the earlobes or just on one. The fun fact is that these can be worn with magnet studs without having to get a real piercing done. Gold, silver, platinum studs are trendy for any outfit type. Go ahead and gift your man a pair of them!


Cufflinks, Buttons, and Tiepins

Cufflinks, buttons and tie pins are elegant and give a new age look. They are available in gold, silver, and platinum with stones embellished on them. Buttons are put on Sherwanis and Kurtas and available in various designs adding the royal look to the ethnic wear.


Kada or Single Bangle

A Kada is a popular jewelry item among the Sikhs. An iron Kada is more famous but many were stainless steel kadas too. The kada has now also become a fashion trend for many young stylish men all over India. Due to its high demand, this bangle also can be customized to be made from silver.

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