Inject Your Unique Personality In To Your Sales Copy For Better Results!

Writing effective sales and marketing copy for our businesses can often be a huge drain on both our time and our energy. Particularly if you’re not a trained writer!

Yet most of us would know that producing effective and regular content and publishing it throughout a variety of marketing channels – is a pretty important part of our overall marketing and lead generation strategy.

The more help and information we provide to our potential clients or customers (in the form of Blog posts etc. for free) and the more clearly we can articulate our sales messages – the more we end up actually selling our products and services.

Fairly straight forward, right?

However, if you’ve come from the ‘corporate world’ like I have, you could well find that your writing style no longer works once you’re running your own business.

Why? Well, because in the corporate world, everything tends to be quite formal. Whether you’ve been a writer or have simply needed to write copy, documents and emails etc., the main aim of the game in the corporate world is to come across as being ‘professional’.

So it’s easy to bring that same formal style directly into your business – as that’s what you’re used to and you’ve been trained to do it that way.

Now in some industries and niches this might be perfectly acceptable. Maybe you’re in finance, legal or simply working with B2B clients who REQUIRE the formal approach.

However! If, like me, you end up in the online retail space, or something else that relies heavily on connecting with consumers, then this is where your corporate, formal writing style, just won’t work so well.

Todays’ consumers don’t want ‘formal’ as they find it completely and utterly boring.

You will not attract their attention or garner their trust unless you can speak their own language, in a way that excites and delights them.

In fact often – the crazier your copy writing is, the more attention it gets (although caution is advised here, as you don’t want to go too far out that they get offended or think you’re completely nuts!).

So how do you change up your corporate style of writing – and begin to really engage with your intended audience?

You simply write by using your PERSONALITY!

People connect with people. And people these days often really DO care about WHO and WHAT is behind a business.

They want to connect with your business values AND often to your own personal stories. And this is particularly true – if you are a coach in some capacity.

They need to know that you understand their struggles, that you have the right solution for them – and that maybe you’ve struggled too. They want to know you’re human – and not too ‘superior’ that you don’t ‘get’ where they’re currently at.

In a nutshell – you MUST be RELATEABLE to your intended audience.

You may well have heard much of this before. Yet the question that often remains is the ‘how’. ‘How do I make my blog writing, website content and social media content more exciting, more enticing and therefore more lucrative’?

The secret lies within you. And it is as simple as that (often frustratingly so!).

It’s your unique qualities and vibrant personality that most people want to see. And no matter how uninteresting you might think you are, or how ‘formally’ you’ve been trained – there is a secret side to you as a business owner…

(I know it’s there…)

Because you aren’t just a business owner – you’re a human being and you too strive often for connection.

And if you view your potential clients in a similar way to how you might view your best friend, your mates and your much-loved family – then you will be able to write and communicate far more effectively.

It’s simply a matter of tapping in to that ‘fun-loving’, ‘chilled-out’ side to your personality – and having the bravery to put yourself out there, on that page. Quirks and all!

If you loosen up a little, go with the flow, have a little fun with your writing and get a bit more creative – you might just find it produces far better results.

Clearly, you do need to remain somewhat professional, as anything too rude or crass won’t reflect kindly on your brand.

Yet there is a lot of room these days in the entrepreneurial world for far more fun and unique personalities to shine through.

Business isn’t just for the ‘corporate suits’ anymore.

For example…

For our own retail business (selling horse products), I performed a copy experiment.

We wanted to sell a particular pair of denim horse riding breeches (pants). They were a really great new product, at a good price, that solved a real gap in the market for women who didn’t like the traditional, skin-tight breeches that put every flaw in your figure on display.

Initially (succumbing to old habits and all!) I promoted them in the stock standard, salesy way, of…

‘This is a great pair of denim breeches that feel comfortable to wear and look good both in the saddle and out.’ (at least that’s the basic gist, it was possibly slightly better than that – but we’re proving a point here!).

We sold a pair or two over a couple of weeks, but that was about it.

So then I got a little crazy. And I wrote an ad a little something like this:

When you feel confident, Your horse notices.

The Horze. Victoria. Denim. Breeches.

Feel sexy and confident around the paddocks AND in the saddle.

Get your (riding) sexy back today!

Guess what happened with that?

It sure got noticed I can tell you!

And it resulted in 20 pairs sold (at $99), in just 48 hours (which was huge for our small business at the time) – and scored us a heap of new Facebook followers too.

(The normal way in the horse industry, and many others, is to simply describe the product and its’ features – with the BUY, BUY, BUY message. Aka BORING!)

Selling 20 pairs of something, may not seem overly exciting or big, but when you’re lucky to normally sell 1 or 2 – it sure makes a difference.

Because then once you figure out what DOES work, it makes things far easier to scale a campaign or offer up.

And it did prove the point that the more ‘daring’ you are, providing it’s in a tasteful, clever way, the more attention you get.

Hook into a major pain point for your customers and clients whilst you’re at it – and hey presto – the sales come rolling in.

So I’d like to challenge you today, to think outside that ‘somewhat-boring-and-formal’ box that’s so easy to fall in – and simply have some fun.

The next time you write ANY sales copy, blog posts or website content, see where you can change things up, mix in some humour, craft something clever and even be that little bit outrageous(!).

It might just earn you the attention AND the sales that you’ve been looking for.

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