customers Buying Decision

Information Consumers Need to Make an Informed Buying Decision

When your potential buyers start interacting with you, the process begins where they’re mulling over whether they’ll ever buy from you or not.

Many people don’t first encounter you on your sales page but instead, they encounter you on social media, at events, and through shares of others. Here is the information they need in order to be persuaded to buy from you.


That Other person Like and Trust You

Today everything is out in the open and people often get to know you first through other people. When they know that other people are around that already like and trust you, it lets them put their guard down. They’re more likely to read more of your information to get to know more.


That You’re Honest and Trustworthy

When you have testimonials for them to view, that will also help establish your honesty and trustworthiness from people who have had success with your products or service.


That You Are Listening to Them

When you create content based on questions they ask in public, in groups, on surveys, and that you’ve learned through audience research, they’ll feel as if you’re reading their mind and more importantly listening to them and giving them exactly what they want.


That You Offer Top-Notch Support

It’s important to build more trust by offering great support to your current customers. Word gets around fast and it really makes a difference if the word is good about you. If you have ratings online or testimonials about your customer service, that will help.


That Your Products / Services Do What You Say

One way to help customers want to buy from you is by giving away or selling low-priced products to get them into your buyer’s funnel. They will learn that your products are of high quality. Ensure that the products that you sell are amazing at all levels and word of mouth will get around.


That You Value Two-Way Communication

Keep your email open for two-way communication and try to answer fast. When you’re open to two-way communication, they learn to trust you and feel connected to you and are much more likely to buy what you’re selling or recommending.


That You Admit Your Mistakes

If you do make a mistake, say so and do it in public. The more you can admit to mistakes, the more you humanize yourself in front of your audience. Also, admit them one-on-one because as you can’t hide it, you might as well learn from it and admit it.


That You’re Transparent

There is only one you, and you must be you. The more transparent you are about your business and how you’re coming up with ideas and serving your audience, the more they’ll appreciate it.

When you understand that it’s your job to provide the right information to your ideal customer, it gets easier. When you know where they are in their buying cycle, it gets easier to create the right content that they need at the right time.

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