Increase your home security with these products

You would have heard of Crimsafe products before, and not just because of the catchy adds but, because they really are the leaders in the home security market. As the only product on the market strong enough to partner with Crime Stoppers, Crimsafe are the premier name in stainless steel security screen products and have been in operation for over 20 years.


Here’s how to increase your home security:

A product for any application

It doesn’t matter the particular design or structure of your home, Crimsafe has a solution to fit your needs. Because their products are made-to-measure (ie. customised) they can fit any project and will align perfectly within pre-existing fixtures and any awkward corners, nooks or crannies.

They are renowned for their security screen doors with a selection of hinged, double, sliding, French, bi-fold and stacking door. However, they also carry a wide range of other items such as windows, keyless emergency exit systems, patio and door enclosures, balustrades, walkways and pool fencing. So, they truly have a product for any home security application.  


A stylish and worthwhile investment

Increasing your home security naturally means increasing the value of your property as an investment. This is not only because it makes it so much harder for thieves and intruders to break into your home, but Crimsafe products are the premium option that is made to last. They also look so much much more attractive than generic options (that often feature unsightly grilles and similar obstructions).

There simply isn’t a better product on the market, meaning you are making a prime investment in your personal security and the resell value of your home. These products screens use a thicker mesh and a screw-clamp system that is proven through rigorous testing to be significantly stronger and harder to break into than competitor products.


Unparalleled quality

Particularly in relation to Crimsafe Ultimate, smooth architectural designs and new patented sealing assembly technology gives homeowners the option to purchase an unprecedented level of security alongside a highly aesthetically pleasing solution into the bargain. With a smooth, curved profile and a clip-on cover that creates a sealed chamber for the fastenings.

They also lead the way in speciality products that are suitable for the environmental purpose and other variant conditions. This has unique applications in fire attenuation and bushfire resistance as well as cyclone debris protection. Crimsafe has tested its security screens to comply with the highest levels of bushfire protection.


If it’s not Crimsafe, it’s not crim safe, gambling with your safety (and that of your family) is something that you should never compromise on. So, it pays to choose the best when it comes to home security products. Rigorous testing, contemporary styling and a constant commitment in exceeding industry standards (and outperforming competitors) mean that you will assuredly increase your home security exponentially with Crimsafe products.

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