The Importance Of Quality Web Design In Your Marketing Strategy

You need to be aware of the fact that your website is where most of your customers will engage with your business. Online efforts are essential to your marketing strategy, as this is where you get to entice and educate people, providing them with information about what you have to offer, and options to purchase, make bookings, or find details to contact you. It’s not unusual for businesses to set up great marketing campaigns, only to have low sales because their website’s landing page failed to convert. Here is a list of items that you should focus on in order to create a quality website that will make the best out of your marketing strategy.

User experience

User experience is one of the most important factors of a quality website. First, a site that appeals to the user’s senses creates a bigger emotional response. However, you mustn’t focus on the looks and forget about functionality. Your website may look pretty, but if it takes forever to load and is too hard to navigate, your visitors won’t have a good experience and a reason to come back. Fast load speed is essential today, so have it in mind during the design phase. You can use Google’s PageSpeed Tool afterward to get more info on how to further improve it. Navigation is another essential aspect. Your user needs to be able to logically and easily get to where they want to be. Finally, have responsiveness in mind, as we live in the era of smartphones.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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Your website design has an effect on your SEO performance. One of the most common problems that Google’s Panda algorithm doesn’t like, are duplicate pages. So make sure that you avoid them during your design process. There are three situations when this occurs: automatically generated duplicated pages, blog categories and news pages that draw content from the posts themselves, and duplicate descriptions of similar products whose specifications are very similar. It’s easy to deal with automatically generated duplicated pages with a “no index, nofollow” tag. However, you need to pay attention to the other two during the design of the infrastructure of your website. From the back-end design, it is important that your website has the capability of implementing vital information, such as custom Meta descriptions, Alt tags, etc.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

There are two important aspects that need to be covered when it comes to CRO – authority and simplicity. The general feeling that your website instills in a user can portray authority. For example, if you pay a visit to a website in order to buy tickets for an event, and you come across a WordPress style template with stock images, you certainly won’t feel like it’s a good idea to pay hundreds of dollars to that website. The appearance of your website needs to be well-designed and authoritative.

However, this doesn’t mean that simplicity isn’t the way to go. A design that is way too complicated will certainly affect the speed of your website. On the other hand, if it’s too simple, it might not seem trustworthy to your visitors. Therefore, as experts at Nirmal suggest, it is essential that you find a balance. Simply said, your design needs to be simple enough for a good UX and complex enough for a good CRO.


The fact is that your website tells a lot about your business. It is what creates the first impression about your brand for a large number of people. This is why it is essential that you provide your users with the best possible experience. Realizing that a website isn’t well designed is easy, even for those who aren’t too familiar with technical issues. If your design leaves a bad impression on your visitors, it will badly affect your brand. Therefore, it is essential that your website is designed to reflect your brand and values.

You need to go deeper than just the aesthetic design (colors, logo, and the like). Your infrastructure and set up are essential too. Every aspect of your website needs to leave a good impression. Keep your brand values in mind, and make sure that they are implemented into every aspect of your website. Otherwise, your brand’s image may be damaged. The fact is that brand identity builds trust between you and your users.

Your marketing strategy needs to consist of both your offline and online efforts. In today’s era of the internet, people most commonly look for businesses online. That is why your website needs to be well-designed, so that it leaves the right impression, and tells a story about your brand and values. You may have the best marketing strategy in mind, but it’s probably going to fail if you don’t focus on how your website converts.

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