Importance of Email Marketing

Marketing is one of the constant concerns that every business owner has because it is a never-ending process. The internet has made marketing easier and more accessible with all of the innovative marketing tools it has to offer, from SEO and Pay-Per-Click ads to websites and social media platforms. However, among all types and tools, email marketing continues to dominate all other marketing efforts.

What is email marketing?

It is a type of direct marketing that a company or a business uses to advertise a product or a service by sending emails to prospective customers. It is very popular in the marketing field because it is cost-effective and efficient at the same time. It was first used in 1974 by Gary Thuerk, a marketer working for Digital Equipment Corporation. He sent out emails to 400 potential clients that brought back $13 million worth of sales for DEC products. Of course, in the following decades email marketing has evolved, developed, and got regulated but it is still bringing sales.

Why is it important?

  • It builds trust

Email marketing is much more personal than social media or PPC marketing because it is written and addressed to an individual, not a wide audience. That is why it creates a sense of closeness. This closeness increases the amount of trust and credibility the client has towards your company, trust brings loyalty and loyalty brings more sales.

  • It increases brand awareness

If you want to focus on the future, you need to start working on your brand awareness because it is important for growing your business, bringing back return clients and reaching new ones. Email marketing has the capability of achieving that because with every email you send, a new potential customer will discover your services or an old customer will be reminded of them.

  • It is easy to use

One of the greatest advantages of email marketing, besides cost-effectiveness, is that it is easy to use. You can write, optimize and improve the emails you send simply, without the need for special programs or even training.

  • It succeeds

According to a research, 59% of B2B marketers have said that email is their most effective channel in terms of revenue generation. Moreover, another research has stated that 80% of retail professionals indicated that email marketing is their greatest driver of customer retention. These numbers clearly display the success of email marketing in generating sales and high levels of ROI.

  • It is great for communication with clients

Email marketing makes it easy to communicate directly with your clients and customers. It makes it more convenient for potential clients to get in touch with you to know more about your products or services. Your existing clients will also be able to reach you and talk with you directly about any questions, problems or concerns they have. A research has actually found that consumers prefer to receive regular updates and promotions from companies they are subscribed to via emails.

  • It can be easily measured

Every marketing strategy you use should be measured to know where it has succeeded and where it should be reevaluated. With email marketing, that is a piece of cake. You can use data from your email marketing service to check the rates of emails that were opened, unopened, or deleted. Then, you can improve your approaches in email marketing accordingly.

Some tips for your email marketing strategy:

  1. Make sure that your emails are direct and error-free. If your email has mistakes or if it lacks cohesion, it would decrease your credibility with the clients.
  2. Give your emails a personal touch by including the clients’ names and customizing each email for every individual you are contacting if it is possible.
  3. Avoid using free email databases because they might get you blacklisted.
  4. Use tools such as or Verifalia to clean out any insecure, outdated or unwanted emails from your list.
  5. Avoid using bold letters and too much exclamation marks because they make your email look spam-like.

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