How hypnotherapy helps fight anxiety

Hypnotherapy, as the name suggests, is a therapeutic way to deal with problems of the mind and mental health through the use of hypnosis. Hypnosis is a kind of mind control which trained hypnotherapists can perform on the patient with due care and caution. This is used as an alternative mode of treatment to deal with mental disorders, stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks etc., and has been creating quite a buzz around the world for the tremendous success patients got after going through this therapy.



Stress and anxiety are two sides of the same coin, and each one relates to another in some way or the other. The current day complications of lifestyle, competition in academics and job security, relationship issues, financial problems etc. all takes a strong toll on the mind. As the physical health suffers from the extremely stressful lifestyle, the mental health also suffers and rather suffers doubly. You get depressed; go through anxiety and stress and sometimes even face serious problems. Hypnosis is a great therapy which involves no drugs or rehabilitation and rather focuses on the mind’s way of working. It controls and relaxes the mind to help the patient combat the fears and problem in the deep conscience with a methodical approach.

If you are dealing with anxiety and believe it’s not too serious to make you go for psychotherapy or psychiatric consultations, and yet not too little to leave you relaxed and sane, then a drug-free easy and sure way to get help is hypnotherapy for anxiety.


Using hypnotherapy, the practitioner helps you to take your mind into a positive and relaxed state. This is a kind of control exerted on the mind to alter its state and involves switching off the stress response path and switching on the relaxation response.

It’s the visuals, the imagery, and the brain’s power to rapidly create images and sensations and thoughts, which triggers the stress in mind. This can be fought off by triggering the brain to create only positive thoughts and images. This is exactly what the hypnotics do. They help you to imagine good things, visualize the positive things, and combat your fears thereby reducing levels of stress gradually.



Not only anxiety, but deep phobias, depressions triggered by anxiety, and many such mental health issues can be tackled easily and gradually with hypnotherapy. When you visit your therapist the first time, your problem would be heard, and you would be suggested sessions. With each session, you will learn to calm down, and focus on the positives, and can gradually come out of your fears and anxieties. Your tendency to get into panic attacks and anxious situations can be controlled and eliminated with hypnosis.


A hypnotic use encouraging words for the patient to come out of a troubled situation, disturbing thoughts and memories, and may help you to create positive imagery by simply promoting positive thoughts and visions. Words of encouragement repeated again and again combined with steps to improve self-esteem and confidence helps highly, in this treatment.


When you want to go for hypnotherapy, you must inquire that the therapist is a certified hypnotic or not. Moreover, the clinic should be registered too, and you must be assured that you are dealing with legally certified and insured people. You can go for hypnotherapy for anxiety at any age, and there is no restriction. Whether you were treated with other chemical and physical methods or other alternative medicinal ways, you can always consult a hypnotic irrespective of your case history and get positive results.

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