How Vending Machines Can Increase Work Productivity

If you own a business or are a part of the top management of a profit making company, then you’re surely wondering from time to time, how to make your employees work more effectively and efficiently. How can you get the best out of them? There is a lot of potential in everyone, but there are also a lot of challenges in a competitive work environment and business, so how can you increase the work productivity of your employees?

There are many ways to increase the productivity of an employee. Some of them are major changes in an organisation’s policy and some are smaller changes or initiatives that gradually, slowly and steadily, contribute to increasing the work productivity of all employees. Introducing vending machines in offices and the work environment is one such small, yet effective way of increasing efficiency and productivity of employees.

Here are the many benefits of a vending machine in an office.


  • Taking Care of Your Employees

The first impression of a vending machine in an office will be that of the employees being taken care of. Introducing a vending machine in the office means that employees now have access to beverages and snacks whenever they want, which automatically sends the message that the company cares about the employees and understands that they might need to recharge themselves time and again with the help of coffee or some instant snacks. This will make the employees feel more motivated to work and have a positive attitude and outlook towards the company.


  • Time Saving

A vending machine is going to save an employee the time that he/ she spends in going out of the office premises to buy a cup of coffee or some snacks. An instant vending machine will be able to do the same job in less time and effort which means that the remaining time can now be used by the employee to work and not for a long snack break. A vending machine will also enable employees to eat during their work, in case of something urgent and important, due to which they cannot step out for their lunch/ snack break.


  • Healthy and Active Employees

A hungry or thirsty employee amounts to a more lethargic and irritated employee. An employee will not be able to perform well and put his/her best foot forward if his/ her body and mind is drained of all energy. A vending machine will give an employee easy access to instant snacks and beverages which will be able to give the employee instant energy anytime they are feeling low. This means that an employee is less likely to be hungry, which means an employee is less likely to be inactive and lethargic and this will automatically ensure higher productivity.


  • Low Cost

Having a full fledged cafe or food joint is going to cost your company more than a vending machine will. A vending machine does not require you to employee waiters or chefs to do the job. A vending machine will be a one time investment and then you just have to pay for the products you want to keep in the vending machine. Exact Vending Services provides coffee and drinks machines free of charge and only charge you for the products you use. They also provide free- to- loan food and snacks vending machines, which can dispense products from famous brands like Nestle, Cadbury, Coca- Cola etc. You can also store rolls, pies, sandwiches etc. in the food vending machines. They also provide free fill, clean and maintenance services for your vending machines. So a vending machine is a very low cost investment with high productivity advantages.



A vending machine will ensure that your employees are being taken care of by the company. They will also save time they spend on snack breaks, resulting in them giving more time to work and hence increasing the work productivity of employees in a company. Vending machines are a very cost effective way of taking care of your employees and motivating them to work better and work more.

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