How to work hard: 16 podcasts for your business and life

“Work hard.” This is the one piece of advice you’ve heard most often throughout your life. We were always taught that hard work is the key to success and the answer to whatever challenges we face.

But what does it really mean to work hard? Is it pouring all your energy into your career? Is it taking care of duties at home? If hard work involves just doing what you are required to do, there won’t be much reward to be gained, and you will be left feeling burned out.

Luckily, many people have been in the same position and recount their experiences through podcasts. From holding dead-end jobs to turning their life and career around, these podcasters often have valuable lessons on the best way to work hard. The central theme is that having a vision, carving your own path, and making the right decisions are the true keys to success.

Whether it’s pivoting a career or taking up a hobby, we sometimes need some motivation and inspiration. BigRentz highlighted some must-listen podcasts below that share the meaning and steps of working hard. Takeaways include habits to improve your productivity, stories about finding your passion and creativity, and tips for maintaining your work-life balance and health. All these factors will allow you to work harder while creating the happiness and the success you deserve.

With topics like self-improvement, productivity, and wellness, there is a podcast for every woman, whether you are in the middle of launching a startup or creating a more meaningful life at home.

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