How to use photography in your website design

Every successful business or an entrepreneur have a nice-looking, professional and easy-to-use website. You can easily learn how to make a website yourself, but it’s always kind of easier to rely on a professional. Whatever your choice is, you should know a thing or two about website design in order for it to do good to your business. So, if you are not sure what images should you feature on your site or how to properly utilize them, here are some tips.


Don’t use photos as fillers

The first rule to mention is not to use photography just because you need to fill up some space. Don’t choose a random image to be featured on your site so you could just have one. Every photo you have there should represent who you are or what your brand is. And that is why you should be clear with yourself what you want up there and how it’s going to represent your image.


Stick to one color palette

Even when we are talking about photography and images, when it comes to your website, it shouldn’t be too colorful. You might think that bold colors and various images of different palettes will intrigue your visitor and make them explore more, but you’re wrong. Too much color or too many eye-catching images will only confuse the visitor and might make them leave the website. That is why you should stick to one color palette or stick to subdued colors in the images on your site. Better yet, you could even rely on black and white photography because the lack of color can have a very powerful and pleasing effect, and it will make your brand stand out even more.


HD photograph is a must

Pretty, subdued colors are fine, but they’re not going to be enough for the photography to work miracles on your website. That’s right, the photos you plan on uploading on your site have to be HD. This is your way of making a good impression, so all the images you have on there should be of top-notch quality. You need to look professional and sophisticated in order for your business to appear the same way, and this is your take off. Just admit it to yourself, how many times have not trusted a business or have left a website just because all the images were blurry or too pixelated.


Overlays for dramatic effect

One thing that is getting quite popular that can completely transform photographs on your site are color overlays. These are made by adding a semi-transparent color box on an existing image in order to boost the images’ emotional effect or show brand colors. What’s best about this is that you don’t really have to rely on someone else to do the work for you. You don’t even have to do the tedious and endless editing yourself. The easiest way to edit photos with overlays is finding great photoshop overlays online and you can either download them or buy them and voila! Your images will get that dramatic transformation and your site will look marvelous. However, just make sure to be careful that the chosen color contrasts the text and CTAs on your website. Additional to this, you can rely on white overlays in order to create quite a dramatic contrast.

Minimalism is the way to go

“Less is more” is something that you should feel free to rely on when it comes to your website. Overcrowded sites with too much information just poking your eyes and colorful photography all over the place won’t do you good. Chances are that such sites will slow down the users’ browser and they will end up clicking on that godforsaken X on the screen. So, try and make the images on your site minimalistic and clean. Find the ones you like and that have a big effect on how you feel, and your visitors are bound to like them as well.

Illustrations for the artistic feel

However, if you don’t think professional photography fits your brand, you don’t have to push it. Another great way to make your website stand out are illustrations. These can be as equally as powerful if they’re done right and can bring that artistic appearance to your site. Just make sure they are done professionally and that they fit your overall style and brand.


Creative manipulations

No one is saying you can’t use stock photos for your website. Even if they are free to use, don’t be scared to make some adjustments. Stock photos can often seem fake or unnatural, and that’s where your creativity comes in handy. Find some great photos you like and do some personalizing. Your own edits can bring a whole new dimension to the photos and you can easily make them fit your brand. You can use various online tools for this, or simply rely on photoshop. It’s really your choice as long as you enjoy it and the images make an impact you and your brand wish to achieve.


In this booming era of the internet, your website is basically the face of your brand and business. So, make sure it is done properly. Besides the basic information every site needs, photography is also a crucial part, so make sure they make a good impression and make a great face for your business.

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