How to Use Furniture in Home Staging to Make Your Property Appear Larger

If you’ve been trying to sell your property for some time now, but you just don’t have any luck, maybe it’s time to up your game a bit. The fact of the matter is that simply opening your door for viewings won’t do you much good unless you make your property shine in its best light. That’s where home staging comes into play.

Home staging, as the name suggests, involves staging your home – decluttering, arranging furniture, cleaning and generally elevating your home’s interior – with hopes to appeal to a wide audience of prospective buyers. The point of home staging is to help prospective buyers envision how the space will look like once they move into it, as well as to show them the true potential of your property. That being said, let’s see what some of the best ways you can use furniture in home staging to make your property appear larger and more appealing.

Scale your furniture to the room it is in

The first thing you need to take care of when staging your property is furniture pieces you wish to implement. If you’re staging the home you are currently living in, see which furniture pieces have seen some better days and make sure you replace them. On the other hand, if you’re staging an otherwise empty property, you can consider either renting or buying furniture for it. Furthermore, if you’ve opted for buying the furniture, you can include it in the offer as well, meaning that you can up the price of your property and sell it with furniture included.

Whichever the case, make sure you scale the furniture according to the size of the room you’re implementing it in. If the room you’re working with is too small, avoid either pieces that are too bulky or pieces that are too scaled down. The first may make your room appear stuffy and too cramped while the latter will make it appear comically small. The best way to go is to pick midsize furniture pieces and work with them to create the best possible design for the room at hand.

Make sure that the furniture is up to par

Next, if you’ve decided to stage your home, make sure that all the furniture used in this process looks its best. What this means is that you should make sure that the furniture – as well as carpets – you use in your home staging efforts is clean and without any damages. Furthermore, if some pieces just don’t look right, you can even sand them down and repaint them to fit in with the rest of the room design.

Additionally, you should inspect the upholstery on your sofas and armchairs, as well as dining room chairs, and see if it could use some freshening up. If the upholstery is not looking its best, you should consider reupholstering your furniture. If you’re not quite sure which way to go with the new upholstery, you should definitely consider leather upholstery because not only it fits perfectly with almost any style and it’s extremely durable, but it also looks very luxurious and it will instantly add some pizzazz to any room.

Go for visual balance

Generally speaking, harmonious designs and balanced looks have been proven to be the most appealing to the human eye. Symmetry, as one of the most sought-after design solutions, will help you immensely in your home staging efforts. One of the reasons behind this might be the fact that our brains subconsciously find symmetry familiar – if you look in the mirror, you’ll find an ear, an eye, a nostril, an arm and a leg on each half of your body. Once you look at it that way, it becomes more obvious why you should aim at creating an environment that feels familiar if you’re staging your home.

However, perfect symmetry is not only somewhat difficult to achieve, but it can even look and feel a bit intimidating. That’s why you should determine the focal point of the room you’re staging – in the living room it can be the fireplace, in the bedroom the bed area, in the kitchen the kitchen island and so on – and try to balance out the décor around it, to create a somewhat symmetrical design that doesn’t feel too sterile or overwhelming.

Pay maximum attention to the most important rooms first

Finally, it’s important to understand that staging a home is in no sense cheap. You will be required to set aside a significant budget, but if it helps you sell your property faster, it will all be worth it in the end. So, if you don’t really have the resources to do up your entire home, make sure you pay maximum attention to the most important areas first.

These areas include the kitchen and the living room as two hearts of every home. These rooms are where the majority of families will spend most of their free time together, so you should make them as cozy and as inviting as possible. Furthermore, if your target buyers are family people, you can spruce up the kids’ room as well, but make sure you don’t go overboard, as the future owners will potentially want to redecorate the space entirely. In the end, the master bedroom should also be shown some love, so don’t forget to take care of it as well.

When staging your property to make it more appealing to prospective buyers, you should make sure that you put together a space that will help the buyers envision themselves living there one day but refrain yourself from going too crazy. It’s important to keep in mind that you’re decorating the space for someone else, so your personal style and preferences should not play a big role in the final design of the rooms. Furthermore, make sure that all the furniture pieces are looking clean and functional and see to it that you schedule the viewings while there’s plenty of natural light in your home because opulent lighting has the power to make anything look better.

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