How to Use Direct Mail to Attract Customers to Your Business

Studies show that 77 percent of people open mail as soon as they get it. Over 66 percent of people admit that they have bought something because of an ad that they received in the mail. Here are some ideas of how you can use direct mail to welcome new customers to your business.

Use Unusual Shaped Mailers

People are more apt to open and read direct marketing mail if it comes in an unusually shaped envelope. You can choose to use unusually large envelopes. Alternatively, you can opt to use postcards. Packages with lumpy items in them often arouse curiosity making people open them. Another trick is to use envelopes designed to look like they hold important documents.

Make It Interactive

There are many different ways that you can make print marketing interactive. You can include a QR code that customers can scan to take them to a special website containing more information about your offer. You can encourage them to download an app to get a special price. Digital coupons are a possible solution for some businesses as well. The advantage is that you can welcome customers to your business from their mobile devices.

Make It Personal

Think of ways that you can personalize the mailer to the person receiving it. You will definitely want to address the letter to a person, and use the person’s name throughout your content. Work with creative professionals like those found at Ballantine to help you find other ways to make the message seem more personal. You may even want to include a personalized gift that your targeted audience is sure to want to continue using. There are many possibilities whether you are doing print marketing in NJ or elsewhere to a large group or a more intimate group of customers.

If you know the common interests that tend to be among your target audience, you can use that to your advantage when going for the personal approach. If your business sells the latest gaming equipment, for example, your target audience is most likely the millennial or centennial generation (basically, anyone born from 1980’s to now). Also, you’d be able to easily analyze the common interests that gamers may be into—such as Dungeons & Dragons or Steam accounts. With direct mail, you could offer an incentive based off of those interests.

Sticking with the examples above, a gaming business could offer potential customers the latest Dungeons & Dragons handbook or a Steam gift card (about $30 value each) to those who spend $125 or more on a certain day. Whatever niche your business is geared towards, you should be able to follow this type of personalizing incentives towards interests model.

Give a Call to Action

Make sure that your targeted audience knows exactly what you want them to do. You may want to include soft calls to action throughout the content. The last one, however, should leave no doubt how you want a person to follow up on your invitation. You can invite them to come see you in your store, call you on the phone or go to a website. Think about your targeted audience, and decide what they are most apt to do.

About $585 is earned for every $100 spent on direct mail marketing. Use these ideas and more to welcome new customers to your business and watch your return-on-investment grow!

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